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SC Guard unit turns wrenches with Colombian army

...old-style technical journals, soldiers from the South Carolina National Guard spent last month helping members of the Colombian army learn to care for and repair their military equipment.The visit was the second time the unit of mechanics traveled...
In the beginning

...They are charged with working in concert with the Colombian army and with widespread human rights violations and politically-motivated...talks, the despeje was taken back by force by the Colombian Army in February because of repeated terrorist attacks...
Sen. Cleland: Resolution lies with the Colombians

...third-largest recipient of such U.S. aid, after Israel and Egypt. We are also helping to train and equip the Colombian Army's new counter-narcotics battalion. This 950-person unit, scheduled to be operational by January, will work...
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Sen. Coverdell: Crisis requires international attention

...such helicopters during its civil war. ALTHOUGH THE Colombian Army has 122,000 soldiers, only 20,000 soldiers are...with superior resources through illicit means? A Colombian Army study found that the two guerrilla groups raised...
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Back McCaffrey Plan

...thereport, has already urged the presidents of Peru, Ecuador and Brazil to provide troops to join forces with the Colombian army, currently being trained by U.S. advisers to fight the Red narco-terrorists. Most Communist uprisings around...