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Habersham County drug raid disaster highlights need for police reform

...5:30 a.m. no-knock raid in Killeen, Texas, went awry. Police were slinking outside the home of suspected cocaine dealer Marvin Louis Guy when he opened fire on the intruders. The 12-hour search that ensued returned nothing more than...
'The Passion' soars beyond $200 million in second weekend to remain top film

...Christ's death. "Starsky & Hutch," an update of the 1970s TV show, stars Stiller and Wilson as buddy cops hunting a cocaine dealer. "Hidalgo" stars Mortensen as an Old West cowboy who becomes the first Westerner invited to compete in a horse...
Mature themes prevalent in many video game titles

...anti-social behavior but abandons its predecessor's gloomy, urban setting for a sun-dappled, beach locale filled with cocaine dealers and bikini-clad women. The game's soundtrack includes oldies by Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Foreigner and Ozzy...
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Man's appeal goes awry as he gets more jail time

An Augusta cocaine dealer had his appeal for a lighter sentence backfire when a federal appeals court decided his punishment wasn't harsh enough. Andrew...
Suspect denies guilt, names others in slaying trial

...44. "I ain't got nothing to do with it," Mr. Crawford said, telling investigators that three other crack cocaine dealers must have committed the crime. He overheard them talking about robbing a customer, he said. Mr. Crawford, 19...
Federal prison offering tours

...supervisors who must account for all their charges in work details every two hours. In June, however, a convicted cocaine dealer, Ramon Alonzo, was discovered missing at a 10 a.m. count on a Saturday. He was not captured during a wide search...
Mother, sister turn in escaped slaying suspect

...said. "All she wants is her son back, but it can't happen." Mr. Vaughns, along with several other accomplices, is charged with killing Mr. Burris in a turf war between cocaine dealers, then killing another man to silence him.
District attorney: Killings are related

...was unable to post it. Mr. Vaughns and Mr. Gantt were denied bond. Mr. Burris was killed in a turf war between cocaine dealers, Mr. Craig said. He was shot on Third Street and his body was later dumped on the side of Pistol Range Road, where...
Temple 'believed in the rule of law'

...undercover as a drug agent, he was held hostage by two suspects and, in another incident, survived a sniper ambush by cocaine dealers. The profile said he became unhappy with that life and took a job in security with Southern Bell. Living in suburban...
Conn. tries to stop inmates seeking dirt on guards

...can uncover using open records laws. While serving 17 years of a 25-year term in Washington State for killing a cocaine dealer he was trying to rob, Wright requested documents on all of the doctors working for the state's prison system...
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