Coca-Cola Co. buys 10 percent stake in Green Mountain as part of cold drinks collaboration

NEW YORK - Coca-Cola is looking to tap into a new market, with plans to let customers make its sodas and other drinks at home.

Coca-Cola to defend safety of aspartame in new ad

...aspartame, which is more commonly known under the NutraSweet brand name.The ad represents the next phase of a campaign Coca-Cola Co. launched in January to push back at critics who blame its sugary drinks for fueling obesity rates. The first wave...

Bad weather complicates Coca-Cola's soda struggles

...economic conditions and other socioeconomics factors, such as unrest in the Middle East.For the second quarter, Coca-Cola Co. said it earned $2.68 billion, or 59 cents per share. That's down 4 percent from $2.79 billion, or 61 cents...

Diet Coke under pressure, executive says

...namesake drink sweetened with stevia in Argentina this summer. Stevia comes from a plant of the same name.Meanwhile, Coca-Cola Co. said that sales volume for regular, full-calorie Coke rose 2 percent in North America in its latest quarterly...

Buffett says women will play key role in America's prosperity

...half of the company's net income. The Omaha, Neb., company also has major investments in companies such as the Coca-Cola Co., Wells Fargo & Co. and Inter national Business Machines Corp., better known as IBM.

Smartphones complicate tracking, paying overtime

...responsibility of the individual and their supervisor or manager to make sure the amount of time is adhered to," she said.Coca-Cola Co. says its nonexempt or hourly employees "are to be paid for all time worked," including time spent working on laptops...

Coca-Cola restructuring seen as early CEO succession test

ATLANTA - The Coca-Cola Co. is streamlining its business and raising the profiles of two key executives, a move that could better position them to eventually...

Buffett's firm buys 9,200 Class A shares from shareholder's estate for $1.2 billion

...jewelry firms, but more than half the company's profits typically come from its utility, tool, railroad, manufacturing and chemical companies. It has major investments in such companies as Coca-Cola Co., Wells Fargo & Co. and IBM.

Across the region

...said he was despondent they happened on his watch.Coca-Cola Co. will seek stock splitNEW YORK - The Coca-Cola Co. is seeking its first stock split in 16 years.The...

Warren Buffett upbeat about health, Berkshire Hathaway's future

...haven't been as important to Berkshire as investing in Coca-Cola Co. or IBM stock or buying entire businesses such as Iscar...outright, it has major investments in such companies as Coca-Cola Co., IBM and Wells Fargo & Co. On Friday, Berkshire...