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Across the Southeast

ATLANTA -The Georgia Senate passed Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue's education package Friday, which would overturn key provisions of his predecessor's overhaul, but the chances of it passing the Democrat-controlled House remain slim.
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Across the area

Employees of two local video arcades were indicted Tuesday on charges of commercial gambling. A Richmond County grand jury issued an indictment against Patricia Marguetitti Heron, 38, of Belair Road, on a charge of operating and participating in the earnings of Pot of Gold Game Room.
Veterans lobby Congress for health benefits

WASHINGTON -- Seeking to regain their health care benefits, close to 300 military retirees converged on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to persuade legislators to keep a long-ago promise. The retirees, including 35 from Augusta, met with representatives from their home states Tuesday morning to decry the state of military health care. That afternoon, they rallied at the steps of the Capitol for the Convention to Educate Congress.
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Fort Gordon hospital joins test to serve retirees

Augusta military retirees who feared losing access to health care at military hospitals might soon have some relief. Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center is among seven military hospitals selected to participate in a three-year trial that will provide Tricare coverage to retirees older than 65. The test program, dubbed Tricare Senior, begins this spring and will last for three years, said Ernestyne Forbes of the Tricare Marketing Office in Falls Church, Va. It might end sooner if changes in Medicare regulations are passed.
Area news briefs

Coach charged with drug possession A volunteer football coach at T.W. Josey High School was charged with drug possession early Tuesday. Police accuse him of having crack cocaine in a stolen car he was driving. A Richmond County sheriff's deputy pulled over the 1994 Toyota Camry about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday because it had an improper tag displayed, a police incident report said. The driver ran from the car, them struggled with deputies, scratching one and sending another to the hospital with a wrist injury, the report said.
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Rosty in; veterans out

...erosion of benefits promised at enlistment time is reaching fever pitch. Rudy Singleton, founder of the Coalition of Retired Military Veterans, recently told a Fort Gordon audience his group is raising money to file suit against Congress "to regain...
Group plans suit to restore veteran's benefits

...We're going to resolve the problem through the Constitution," said Rudy Singleton, founder of the Coalition of Retired Military Veterans. "We were formed to regain our lost, promised medical benefits." Once they can raise an initial...