Faces of Survival: Connie Thompson

...radiation in it from her treatments. They cut her leg and used tissue from there instead.Thompson credits her family and co-workers with helping her get through it. She found that there were people she worked with who had survived the same thing...

Real friendship is important

...qualities of friendship can enrich every important relationship: husband and wife, siblings, parents and children, co-workers, neighbors, teachers and pupils.None of us can be best friends with everyone, but the friendship with God which...

WorldCom whistleblower speaks at GRU

...read on the topic. Cooper and her family were swarmed by reporters. She watched FBI agents seize her computers, her co-workers pack up their personal belongings and leave the Clinton, Miss.-based office.She felt ostracized at the company...

Alice Griffin

...years ago, married and later divorced, where she raised her three daughters. Ms. Alice, as she was known to fellow co-workers and friends, retired from the former Mattie C. Hall Healthcare Center with 25 years of rendering dedicated caring...

Affair with married co-worker forces resignation of UGA associate AD Crumley

A high-level University of Georgia athletics administrator abruptly resigned last week amid an investigation under UGA's anti-harassment policy.

Watch for germs in workplace

...lives.? Guillaume Du Baras Everywhere one turns these days seems to find Ebola alarms or flu-shot reminders or co-workers coughing into their elbow sleeves.Although never one to hype hypochondria's hysterics, I admit we need to be wary...

Nuke supplier agrees to changes after cheating

...NRC documents summarizing the probe. Investigators accuse one welder of cheating by taking a qualification test for a co-worker. A test administrator allowed the test even though authorities said the administrator was aware of the misconduct...

Cher in the City: Overcome obstacles with a 'peaceful and patient mind'

...terrible but I was still very upset with her.TRUST is very important in ALL types of relationships (family, friends, co-workers, church, romantic, etc.) and when it's broken, does one move on or try to rebuild it?One might base that on the...

Tip your delivery drivers

...driver, you are really hurting these people. My daughter tried to earn money for college, as did quite a few of her co-workers. Please tip them, and if you have a little extra, that goes a long way.Marguerite CreekmoreEvans

Colleagues receive front page as going-away present

...mug shots that no longer resemble their subject. Creative headlines. Playful jabs and inside jokes among friends and co-workers.These pages contain the shoptalk and the war stories of their proudest and least proud moments.Today's parting...