The Way We Were: Remembering Allen Park, Sears

...CHOCOLATE-COVERED PEANUTSWhen I was a teenager, I worked afternoons at a sporting goods store on 15th street across from Sears. A co-worker and I took turns every day to go to the candy counter at Sears and get our daily supply of their delicious chocolate-covered...

What Is It?

...grope for any control knob."I worked at that job for only a few weeks when a practical joke gone wrong on another co-worker's 1969 Camaro (actually revenge for an earlier practical joke) required my hasty departure. But that's a story...

Police: Dad sent nude photos while boy sat in car

...of Harris since their sophomore year of college and a co-worker at Home Depot, said Harris talked about how much he loved his son all the time. He said he, another co-worker, Winston Milling, and Harris had gone to lunch the...

Boy, 14, shot outside of business

...to run inside the store for safety, then I looked up and saw a softball-sized hole in tempered glass," he said.Co-worker Mike White said children hanging around the area has been a problem, but he credited the sheriff's office for its...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Trolley tour is way to learn history of North Augusta

...served sweet tea and bottles of water to riders who wanted it.Mark Albertin, the talented documentary film maker and a co-worker of mine, was along for the ride, and I had him talk about his wonderful films including about the federal government-ordered...

Russell Johnson

...Russell is described as a Christian professional. "Always busy, but never too busy to listen" were the words of a co-worker at Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. Russell Johnson is survived by his wife, Shirley Johnson; his loving...

Longtime 'Chronicle' employee Irvine Lamback dies

...cause my middle initial was 'V'. He called Rickey 'Lit tle Rickey,'" he said, glancing at his larger, taller co-worker."And he made sure you stayed busy," Edwards said, "And if you went missing during a shift, he would begin walking...

Richmond County Sheriff's Office tests physical abilities in five-category test

...week. Clayton said he doesn't expect a perfect score but anticipates earning at least 40-45 of the 50 points.His co-worker, 55-year-old Col. Robert Partain, posted a near perfect score Thursday of 48 points.

Father: Gunman in Georgia rampage didn't seem enthusiastic about job at FedEx

...who lived with his son. "He didn't have any grievances that I knew about. He didn't say he had a problem with a co-worker or a supervisor or anything. He just said, 'Off to work now.' 'Did you have a good day at work?' 'Well, you...

Across South Carolina

...Interstate 26 was hit and killed by an SUV.Troopers said the man was in the median about 11:45 a.m. Sunday when a co-worker cut down a tree.The coroner's office says 34-year-old Heath Sutherland ran into the eastbound lanes of I-26...