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Microwaves, big refrigerators contributing to bad food

...Meanwhile Ginny and Jim Cash send a card from their winter Yellowstone tour. I also got a nice note from Gary and Clo Wiltse at Brandon Wilde thanking me for my recent program on a nostalgic look back at the 1990s. Those were the days, weren't...
Bill Kirby
Marketing helps attract retirees be near their adult children who live and work in the area. Still others visit and are simply charmed. GARY AND CLO WILTSE did a national search before deciding on Augusta's Brandon Wilde community. The community is marketed to active seniors...
Lady of the roses tended garden

...when she no longer felt up to the job. Other rose-garden committee members were residents Mary Humrich, Tom Walker, Clo Wiltse and Eleanor Hanson, in addition to resident Alex Windsor, chairman of the Augusta Rose Society in 1963. The tour allows...
More seniors in motion

Clo Wiltse, 74, appears to be a sweet woman -- until she starts talking about her Tae Bo aerobic boxing class. "When the class is over...