Companies look to inspire women to try tech careers

...and had no coding experience before she enrolled in the yearlong program in May. Her class includes a former clinical psychologist, a flight attendant, a teacher and others hoping to make a career switch."There's a lot of focus on technology...

Oscar Pistorius begins pyschiatric evaluation

...the day, say the experts."There is a benefit" to the after-hours observation, said Lee-Ann Hartman, a clinical psychologist who has worked in state psychiatric facilities.Masipa's instruction came after a psychiatrist testified that...

Ernest Glover - Norma Glover

...Glover was a Professional Truck Driver with 45 years of service, he retired in 2010. Dr. Glover retired as a Clinical Psychologist in 2009, with 30 years of service in education. She served as Teacher, Principal, and Psychologist at Augusta...

The affluenza bug

...help 16-year-old Ethan Couch escape prison time for killing four people in a drunk-driving crash June 15.Clinical psychologist G. Dick Miller testified the boy suffered from affluenza, and was simply given too much stuff and freedom and...

Negative perceptions of psychotherapy harmful to African-Americans

...preventing self-destruction among individuals of color who deal with overwhelming and difficult obstacles.Clinical psychologist Dr. Monnica Williams wrote in Psychology Today magazine in 2011 about the stigma and negative judgment people...

Head injuries, PTSD often alike in military, experts say

...that there is a lot of adjustment for military who are returning from deployment, said Dr. Michael Perry, a clinical psychologist at Eisenhower."There may be some anxiety associated with that, some repercussions," he said. "Coming back...

Shutdown hits military med students

...living expenses. The program is not only for prospective physicians, but also for dentists, optometrists and clinical psychologists.In return for the financial support, the recipients agree to serve in uniform. Feibelman, for instance...

Technology presenting challenges to families

...of technology is jeopardizing family connections vital to every child's well-being.Steiner-Adair is a clinical psychologist who teaches at Harvard Medical School and has a practice working with children and families. In her extensive research...

Winter can bring on the blues

...the disorder, he said.Other symptoms include sadness and difficulty sleeping, said Dr. Cynthia Butler, a clinical psychologist and owner of Psychology & Spirituality Center Inc. on Fourth Street in Augusta.When the weather improves...

The Artside: New series by Edward Rice opens May 4

...Guild member John Bradley will be featured during May at the AAG Gallery within the Aiken Center for the Arts. A clinical psychologist, Bradley uses his background in observing people to enhance his skills as a portrait painter. FIRST FRIDAY...