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Rivals create deals to steal customers

...for a year or two. "It's a lot cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one," Cingular spokesman Clay Owen said. If there's one reason many would-be switchers might choose to stay put for now, it's that about 75 percent...
Rivals team up to squish Y2K bug

...We just think the overall health of the industry is more important than fighting over customers at this moment," said Clay Owen, Year 2000 spokesman for BellSouth. The cooperation hasn't been easy. BellSouth and AT&T spent months hashing out...
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Martin insists he will skip Bristol

...ownership of Cingular as part of its merger with BellSouth and intends to eliminate the brand name. AT&T spokesman Clay Owen said NASCAR officials repeatedly have not allowed AT&T to switch the car's Cingular logo to an AT&T logo because...
Mobile fleet of technicians tirelessly checks cell quality Atlanta does some of its own testing. "It's part scientific and part burning a lot of tire rubber," spokesman Clay Owen said. Cingular also uses third-party tester Telephia, a 4-year-old wireless market analysis firm that says it...
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Utilities to test Y2K plans

...problem, but this gives us a great opportunity to sit down and test the system," said BellSouth Year 2000 spokesman Clay Owen. "So we'll be actively looking for any 9/9/99 problems." BellSouth will also be doing a dry run of its contingency...