Cleanup bill lingers from ice storm that paralyzed area

...34 million to clear more than 1.2 million cubic yards of debris.Thanks to good bookkeeping, County Administrator Clay Killian said, it expects to get at least $27 million back. About $12 million has already been reimbursed. The rest could...

Augusta officials watching Langley Dam release, 'darker' water to flow into Savannah River

...go ahead and start preparing. Definitely pack some cloths and any type of medication."Aiken County administrator Clay Killian said dam experts are arriving Thursday to inspect the leak."A group of dam specialists are coming tomorrow morning...

Richmond, Aiken, Columbia county officials say falling gas prices welcomed

...the past three years fuel costs have been projected in the range of $3.50 to $3.75 per gallon, Administrator Clay Killian said.Through the end of Octo ber, Aiken County has spent $597,886 to fuel a fleet that includes nearly 400,000...

Draw-down continues at Langley Dam

...plan in the event they must be evacuated, the statement said.For more information on the dam, contact the office of Clay Killian, Aiken County administrator, at (803) 642-2012. For public safety questions, contact Sgt. Jason Feemster...

Unidentified Aiken County company has plans of expanding

...remain under wraps for at least a month.Though details about the project remain scant, Aiken County Administrator Clay Killian confirmed that the county council heard the first reading Tuesday for a potential multimillion dollar investment by...

Aiken lawmakers question officials about delays

...Elections director Cynthia Holland says she doesn't think her office had enough voting machines. County Administrator Clay Killian says Holland had asked for 14 more machines but the request was rejected because of the $31,000 cost.Rep. Roland...

Worker influx povides opportunities for Aiken

...collections. "The magnitude of the dollars, it's pretty staggering when you think about it," said County Administrator Clay Killian. "It's just a lot of money coming into this economy and the national economy as well." The not so good: Possible...

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Across the area

...with DOE to change the fee in lieu of taxes from $800,000 to $1.6 million per year, Aiken County Administrator Clay Killian announced Thursday. Part of the money will go to Aiken County schools. It is the first time the fee has been renegotiated...

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Across the area

...indicated some operational problems in the treasurer's office had been ongoing for three years. County Administrator Clay Killian and Terry Bodiford, who heads the county Finance Department, also attended the 90-minute meeting. Councilman Scott...

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Aiken County seeks to eliminate loop hole for bars

...did not cover businesses where patrons brought alcohol for on-site consuption, according to County Administrator Clay Killian.Prior to the 2009 ordinance, bars outside city limits did not have mandated operating hours. Hunt also requested...

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