John Mills III

...Authority, and was a third generation member and second-generation president of the Sylvania Rotary Club. He loved classical music, opera, the ballet, literature, poetry, and history, especially of WWII and medieval Europe. He was preceded...

Singer-songwriter Ben Folds performing with Symphony Orchestra Augusta

...Wednesday.Folds, the former frontman of the alternative rock band Ben Folds Five, is known for blending pop and classical music. In 2013, he composed Concerto for Piano and Orchestra and began performing with symphonies across the world.Upcoming...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Bufford brings big city cabaret show to Evans crowd

...The Lewis Family, Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long; Vineyard church pastor and former TV broadcaster Reese LeRoy; classical music concertmaster Calvin Lewis; author and University of South Carolina professor Tom Poland and several NFL players...

Carolla talks daddyhood in new book

...the exact same thing: food, diet, whatever.All the nonsense you hear about, you know, they have to listen to classical music when they're in their prenatal whatever. It doesn't amount to a hill of crap. These kids do what they do. They...

Solomon Brown

...Brown visited prison inmates to share his faith and bring small gifts. Brewser enjoyed reading, hunting, and classical music and was also an avid photographer. Dr. Brown was a dedicated husband and father. He was preceded in death by his...

William Hickson Jr.

...collection of several hundred vinyl albums in various genres including jazz, big band, rhythm and blues,gospel and classical music. His love and knowledge of music led to his hosting a radio show on WSSB Radio at South Carolina State University...

Quartet helps keep classical music alive

For the much-decorated Lark Quartet, classical music is more than just playing the works of dead people. That's why at its Augusta concert, the group will begin with Schubert and...

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Conductor wants to show that classical music has lots of soul

...Emil du Cou had few opportunities for exposure to classical music. His was not a family that made outings to concerts, operas or ballets. For him, classical music was elevated, seemingly beyond reach. Only later...

Governor wants babies to hear classical music

...Beethoven for babies? Gov. Zell Miller, an avid country music buff, wants Georgia newborns listening often to soothing classical music to boost their brain power. To make that happen, Mr. Miller asked the Legislature on Tuesday to spend $105,000...

Rumsfeld's 'poetic' voice set to classical music

...Rumsfeld's unscripted remarks are at once deliberate and casual, and often simply odd. The combination is perfect for classical music, Kong said in an interview with The Associated Press. "What we show in the songs is that we believe that Rumsfeld...