The next stage

...for nonprofits and cultural organizations in addition to traditional infrastructure projects. Many took the rejection as a clarion call for city leaders to focus more on nuts-and-bolts needs instead of wants.And that's understandable. But having...

Former egg executives get 3 months in jail over salmonella outbreak

...contamination before the outbreak. The elder DeCoster, 80, of Turner, Maine, and his 51-year-old son, who lives in Clarion, Iowa, pleaded guilty last year to introducing adulterated eggs into interstate commerce.The DeCosters' Quality Egg company...

The question is why

...with us.The purpose of a rally sets it apart from a parade: It's to inspire people to action.In this case, it was a clarion call to the world, and Western civilization in particular, to finally step up to the unavoidable challenge presented by Islamic...

What can our youth do for our country? We want them to tell us

...country."Though simple and folksy, Kennedy's appeal to selfless citizenship still resonates as one of the most acclaimed clarion calls of the 20th century. As much as anything, the line ? so profoundly delivered and received ? has become the Kennedy...

Civil rights and civil wrongs

...been terminated and two others are under investigation. But that should be just a start.This federal report should be a clarion call for Ferguson, and any American city or town that may be like it, to root out all bigotry from their police and governmental...

At a 'fateful crossroads,' a call to link arms

...this, the more it abets it. And the more it flirts with war, rather than pursue peace.Benjamin Netanyahu's momentous clarion call ? which instantly joins the pantheon of the most consequential speeches in American history ? was not a call to arms...

Morris receives promotion

Susie B. Morris, publisher of the Peninsula Clarion in Kenai, Alaska, has been promoted to vice president of...in Dallas. Before being named publisher of the Peninsula Clarion, she was publisher of The Quarter Horse News in Fort Worth...

Personal computer replacing car stereo

...the Consumer Electronics Show was the Clarion AutoPC, the first personal computer designed...software by Microsoft Corp. and hardware by Clarion Corp. of America. The $1,299, voice-activated...speech recognition will top $1 billion. Clarion, based in Tokyo with U.S. headquarters...

XXX Technology
Warden becomes new jail director

...Administrator Clay Killian said John Rowley, the warden of the Clarion County Corrections Facility in Shippenville, Pa., will start...urgency of the situation." Mr. Rowley, who has been with Clarion County for two years, has worked for two other county jails...

Military Reunions

...WILLIAM V. PRATT (DLG-13/DDG-44): Seeking shipmates for a reunion Wednesday-Sunday, Aug. 17-21, Charleston Clarion Hotel, Charleston, S.C.; contact Rodger Hall, 1286 Steakhouse Road, Knoxville, IL 61448, (309) 289-8750 or hallr44...

Richmond Neighbors