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Clerk offered new position

...after nine years as clerk of Richmond County Civil and Magistrates Court, still has a job in Augusta government. Now...Gaynell Bonner, who will become the clerk of Civil and Magistrates Court, said City Administrator Randy Oliver. Neither...
Increase in taxes rejected increase. City department heads - including the tax commissioner, the district attorney and the clerk of civil and magistrates court - say the decision to cut their budgets instead of raising taxes is unrealistic, and several have appeared...
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Phil Kent: An early sheriff's race; judge is targeted

...Carolinaauthorities thought, and I don't care." The erratic judge also inexplicably fired the nine-year clerk of Civil and Magistrates Court. After adverse reaction, he rehired her -- but at a lesser position with the same pay. The Great Caesar...
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Judge: Firing not in vengeance

For nine years, Vera Butler has been the Clerk of Civil and Magistrates Court. Seven weeks after she spoke publicly about pay inequities, she is unemployed. Mrs. Butler was placed on paid administrative...