Ga. sheriff shoots woman in nearby county

...certain legal requirements and steps that have to be taken," Doan told reporters at the scene. "It's not just an average citizen where you can take out a warrant for their arrest."The home where police say the shooting occurred is a $329,990 model...

Route unclear as May 19 deadline nears for DOT to decide whether to grant OK for Palmetto Pipeline

...in this case May 19. If no decision is rendered by then, the certificate is automatically approved. Kicking the oil can Citizens have already expressed their opposition to the pipeline, with hundreds attending the most recent hearing in Richmond Hill...

Doctors Hospital sues state over Columbia County hospital decision

...president for partnerships and strategic alliances for Georgia Regents Health System. However, he suggested asking Doctors' parent company HCA "about why they feel that this shouldn't move forward for the citizens of Columbia County."

A constitutional can of worms

...become legal in the 13 states ? including Georgia ? that now ban it.But then what? Under the threat of violating certain citizens' constitutional rights, would everyone in America suddenly have to give heartfelt blessings to same-sex marriage?The...

Dog offers lesson in stormwater fee push

...that, there'll be a gas tax. Consultants haven't worked out the details yet, but rest assured there'll be no senior citizen discounts. SILLY BUT IT'S TRUE: Results of the city's six-month pilot program for the Fort Gordon bus service show...

Does the US have a police brutality problem?

...investigated and was later determined to be unsubstantiated, he said.Sheriff's offices in all three counties generally forward citizen complaints to that agency's internal affairs office, which decides whether a criminal or administrative investigation is...

Descent into violence will not solve deeper problems

...peacefully. Violence cannot resolve this situation. We need citizens trained in the art of peaceful resistance as exemplified by...invested with public authority. When officers of the law order citizens to do something, we must obey. If police actions are unjustified...

Session yielded both victories and challenges

...society benefits whenever government gives more freedom to its citizens by shifting from an income tax, which punishes achievement...for disaster on so many levels.It is my honor to serve the citizens of Columbia and McDuffie counties, and I ask God every day...

The truth about taxes

...enable nearly 5 million people who never filed tax returns during the past three years to join the nearly 20 percent of American citizens eligible for refund checks through the earned income tax credit.Why does this ridiculous notion persist that rich people...

'Saigon has fallen' -- a reporter's view of Vietnam War's end

...begun.Franjola and I walk up toward the American Embassy. We see a few bodies on the streets, maybe thieves killed by angry citizens, or the thieves' victims. We see a crowd outside the embassy in a mood opposite the anger of the previous day. They are...