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Savannah River Site is a national treasure, and we must use it wisely

Overall, this looks like a good starting point for SRS to develop new missions.
Ruling on nuclear waste throws storage scenarios into dangerous doubt

A potential downside to this new rule is that it may help sustain the atmosphere for not dealing with the permanent storage issue.
Decision to delay mixed oxide fuel facility at SRS is reckless, misguided

There is something cavalier and reckless about a Department of Energy that would spend billions on a facility of such import only to abandon it.
MOX standby renews community fears about jobs, site's future

...contribute to continual distrust in the community, he said.Clint Wolfe, executive director of Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness and a proponent of MOX, said the region has been "betrayed" by the federal government."MOX was a...
What took loans so long?

...user-friendly.They both could do the public a great service by conducting a joint evaluation with the intent of recommending a more effective process.(The writer is executive director of Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness.)
Guest Column: Positive polls signal bright future for nuclear energy

People who live near nuclear plants tend to show even greater support for nuclear power than the general public does.
Faux environmentalists allowing more pollution by fighting nuclear

It is time we came out of the nuclear dark ages into the bright light of clean, safe energy for our people and our planet.
We simply need Yucca

...the nation's nuclear waste.Fertel, the president of the Nuclear Energy Institute, spoke at the Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness' Edward Teller Lecture and Banquet in Aiken, S.C., last week."The country has already spent...
Alarmists don't reveal the whole story on radiation exposure

So, have you had your minimum daily requirement of radiation today?
Nuclear education teacher workshop scheduled

...participant will receive a lunch, materials and a certificate of participation.The workshop is sponsored by Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness and the science education center, with support from the American Nuclear Society, Energy Solutions...