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Fix nation by convention

The obvious purpose of a Convention of States is to propose amendments, such as a balanced budget or term limits - initiatives Congress seems not to want.
Laws selectively enforced

If laws are passed by the Congress and president but not enforced, then we are no longer a law-abiding nation.
Here's the real debate

The real debate is over the type of government we actually have.
Don't repeat past mistakes

If we continue to ignore the lessons of history, then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes - over and over!
What becomes of Detroit?

Hopefully the federal government will not bail out decades of mismanaging politicians with federal taxpayer dollars.
Rule of law often ignored

The problem is that laws are not being enforced.
Debtors slaves to lenders

Where is the outrage? The Owe-bama administration has been in a full-court press for wealth redistribution since January 2009.
Dems lied to push agenda

Is it any surprise that business has been reluctant to add or create jobs?
Immorality breeds violence

Turning guns into playground equipment sounds great. But many ideas based on false premises have sounded great and have resulted in tragedy.
Compromise on environment

The solution is to make reasonable trade-offs with our planet.