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Tiny particles could provide big clue to taming inflammation

...cells. The researchers have since tried to use it to increase the activity of the immune system against cancer and chronic infections by decreasing IDO and an IDO-inhibitor in phase II clinical trials in cancer, Mellor said. But they have also...
MCG, UGA team up on research

...attack by the mother's immune system. IDO has since been implicated in immune problems such as tumor survival, chronic infections such as HIV and autoimmune diseases. The chemical might be one reason some vaccines fail to get an adequate immune...
Floss or die: Bad gums linked to heart disease, premature births

...boost recently from research at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. It showed that men with blood evidence of chronic infections have triple the risk of heart disease. The study, though, could not trace the source of the infection, and there...
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