Tempest in a coffee pot: Red cup doesn't mean someone hates Jesus

You can imagine my surprise recently when I woke up to find that all of Christianity's problems had been solved.When I went to bed the night before, terrorists very literally were marking Christians for death...

Faith on their sleeves: Universalist Unitarian clergy garb as individual as the church

...Christian church.Universalism began in the early centuries of Christianity, said the Rev. Gaye Ortiz of Unitarian Universalist Church...Over time, Unitarians began to assert their beliefs against Christianity and split from the Christian form of congregationalism...

Differences between people can be overcome

...differences must be worked out. The early church had to resolve the matter of whether the Gentile (non-Jews) converts to Christianity had to conform to the Jewish practice of circumcision in order to become a Christian. The church could not allow this serious...

Episcopalian Columba House ministry helps young adults live by pillars of faith

...Harrisburg and Laney Walker neighborhoods will be "a beautiful place for people to come together through their common faith of Christianity and talk about really tough issues like racial justice and reconciliation and poverty and systemic oppression ? or cyclical...

Faith on their sleeves: Episcopal vestments have practical origins

...she puts on is an alb, a long, simple white robe. The color symbolizes the purity of Jesus. It recalls Roman dress when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. STOLE: The second item Taylor puts on is the stole, which symbolizes...

Rants & Raves

...say-so in this matter? I doubt it. RANT TO PHONY CHURCHES with silly names and suspect "preachers." These places give Christianity a bad name because the "preacher" and "congregation" don't act very Christian. They seem to have missed one of the...

Christianity and sex lecture today at USC

...hosting a University of Oklahoma professor who is to speak on Christianity and its impact on the history of sex.The speaker is Kyle...Paganism to Prudery and Back Again: What Difference Did Christianity Make on the History of Sex?"Today's speech takes place...

Christianity gathers its strength from truth

...people." He felt that organized Christianity with its promises of salvation and...Many people today would like to see Christianity as merely an opiate. They would prefer a harmless Christianity that comforts people in their depressions...

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What has Christianity ever done for us?

"What Has Christianity Ever Done For Us?" The provocative...upon individual souls but rather on Christianity's role in world civilization...an African) says that without Christianity "Europe would be unrecognizable...

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Debate over origins of Christianity rekindled

...that St. Paul, not Jesus, founded Christianity. Some professors, theologians, archaeologists...Paul's role in the formation of Christianity has been debated for centuries. What's...pocketbook." Why is Paul crucial to Christianity? The biblical book of Acts, the main...

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