Carson and the Catch-22

...demonstrated by questions about Barack Obama's own faith: While having Muslim roots, and exhibiting a tendency to criticize Christianity first ? even while discussing radical Muslim atrocities ? Obama says he is Christian, and was a member of a Chicago...

Carson wrong on Islam

...the word "Muslim." There is absolute similarity between the three great Abrahamic religions of the world ? Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in that order, for each has borrowed from the other. And if you do not want to perform scholastic research...

Jindal, Graham win undercard debate

...jihadists if you don't call them just that, and asked for help from the Muslim community.He was very strong in defending Christianity (something that appeals to the Republican primary voter), and was seeking the evangelical vote in this round: "The United...

Christianity and sex lecture today at USC

...hosting a University of Oklahoma professor who is to speak on Christianity and its impact on the history of sex.The speaker is Kyle...Paganism to Prudery and Back Again: What Difference Did Christianity Make on the History of Sex?"Today's speech takes place...

Augusta Tech international instructors educate students to compete with the world

...trying to send to students.Rizk was raised in Alexandria, Egypt, as a member of the Coptic Ortho dox Church, one of Christianity's earliest branches and one that has been discriminated against for centuries by the Muslim majority in Egypt.After high...

U.S. Rep. Rick Allen calls for hostage return before Iran deal

...He said he was baptized in the Jordan River and prayed at the Wailing Wall where the world's three major religions ? Christianity, Judaism and Islam ? come together."John 17," Allen said of the scripture he cited in his prayer about the U.S...

Upcoming Calendar

...Jeff Maxwell Branch Library; free, registration suggested; (706) 793-2020, arcpls.orgEXPLORATIONS IN SOUTHERN FOLK CHRISTIANITY: 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12, Jeff Maxwell Branch Library; presented by Dr. John Hayes, assistant professor of history...

Rants & Raves

...RANT FOR THE POTHOLES on St. Sebastian Way. Also, the littering on River Watch Parkway is terrible. CRIMINALIZATION OF Christianity has finally come to America. HATS OFF TO Mr. Deas at the Gracewood post office. Great service. Good little community...

Christianity gathers its strength from truth

...people." He felt that organized Christianity with its promises of salvation and...Many people today would like to see Christianity as merely an opiate. They would prefer a harmless Christianity that comforts people in their depressions...

Things to Do
What has Christianity ever done for us?

"What Has Christianity Ever Done For Us?" The provocative...upon individual souls but rather on Christianity's role in world civilization...an African) says that without Christianity "Europe would be unrecognizable...

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