View of Islam is'naive'

...countries that call themselves Christian have killed more human beings than any other religion, but I would not doubt that Christianity is a religion of peace. The United Nations says that Israel has and continues to kill many innocent civilians, but I also...

The Rev. Jerry Ragan named head of national fraternity of priests

...and was martyred there.He lived among the Tuareg people, who were Muslim, not necessarily wanting to convert them to Christianity but to share with them the love of Jesus Christ, Ragan said.Foucauld was hoping to encourage other priests to join him...

Rants & Raves

...promote anti-Americanism to our young people: If America is so evil, then why don't you give back your freedoms, your Christianity, your economic standing and social standing? Name a country which donates billions to Third World countries in South America...

Curtis Baptist School to celebrate 50th anniversary

...pay because they were dedicated to the school's mission."I was interested in my children learning the true meaning of Christianity before they were adults," he said.Cheeks became more involved for the sake of his children, and he remained involved...

Unforgivable silence

...has pointed out that the 2022 World Cup is scheduled to take place in the Muslim nation of Qatar, where converting to Christianity carries a penalty of death. Should that level of religious intolerance be rewarded by lavishing on Qatar the prestige and...

Christian exodus shadows papal visit to Holy Land

...arrive this weekend in the land where Christianity was born ? and where Christians are...that maybe the time will come in which Christianity will disappear from this land," said...particular vocation to be the witnesses of Christianity in this land."The Christian exodus...

Not just St. Patrick: Ireland home to many saints

DUBLIN - St. Patrick might have banished snakes and brought Christianity to Ireland, but perhaps his greatest feat was one of sheer endurance. After all, there were hundreds of other future saints...

Christianity gathers its strength from truth

...people." He felt that organized Christianity with its promises of salvation and...Many people today would like to see Christianity as merely an opiate. They would prefer a harmless Christianity that comforts people in their depressions...

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What has Christianity ever done for us?

"What Has Christianity Ever Done For Us?" The provocative...upon individual souls but rather on Christianity's role in world civilization...an African) says that without Christianity "Europe would be unrecognizable...

Your Faith
Debate over origins of Christianity rekindled

...that St. Paul, not Jesus, founded Christianity. Some professors, theologians, archaeologists...Paul's role in the formation of Christianity has been debated for centuries. What's...pocketbook." Why is Paul crucial to Christianity? The biblical book of Acts, the main...

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