Augusta gay pride group celebrates historic same-sex marriage ruling

...marriages can be recognized under the law.He said his commitment to God as a pastor has only furthered his belief that Christianity cannot be used as a tool to condemn same sex relationships."The overlying theme of the Bible is love, grace, mercy and...

Church has presence that digital 'social' presence lacks

...we understand that it is only through sharing life together that we have the deepest experience of God.At heart, true Christianity is not an individual enterprise, but a team sport, which is why there is always a crowd at a Christian funeral, as we...

Christianity and sex lecture today at USC

...hosting a University of Oklahoma professor who is to speak on Christianity and its impact on the history of sex.The speaker is Kyle...Paganism to Prudery and Back Again: What Difference Did Christianity Make on the History of Sex?"Today's speech takes place...

Christian church is receiving a purging

...blogosphere has erupted with news that Christianity in America is on the decline. Much...an irreversible landslide away from Christianity, the demise of the nation they have known...of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity; a collapse that will follow the deterioration...

Does nation want to fail?

...but capitalism is our heritage. We beg for a free ride without caring who pays for it. We say we hate individualism, Christianity and the wealthy, but all want to be successful. Where is the logic?We want to see the death of poverty, but we want...

Redouble your efforts to renew your minds

...Americans who claim religious affiliations and/or attend religious services. This, along with growing overt hostility toward Christianity and Christians in certain quarters of our society, signals a need for Christians to re-examine the quality and character...

Early Christians accepted

...non-Christian peers; and even lived inside the Roman imperial palace without a fuss.The Rev. Steele has learned one version of Christianity ? about Christians acting as loud and proud cultural separatists. The reality on the ground would repay another look...

Rants & Raves

...and stoned. Foul water, filth and trash are everywhere except in capitalist countries. Could liberals stop condemning Christianity and how America treats women, the planet, minorities and gays? NORTH AUGUSTA City Administrator Todd Glover says there...

Flag event stirs emotion

...abuse on the job.I support their right to practice religion without fear of reprisals; so back off and let me practice Christianity without threats of being killed of beheaded.I expect people to become citizens of this great country legally, not just...

Rants & Raves

...NO WONDER PEOPLE don't wear seat belts in Georgia. The fine is only $15. In Illinois the fine is $250, and believe me, people wear seat belts and live. SOMEBODY TELL RACHEL Zoll that Christianity is more than a "tradition."