U.S. debilitation is willful

...useless paper money is used to try to pay trillions of our debt. We suffer the joke that we have a bright future despite Christianity being mocked on a daily basis. More people are becoming poorer with higher prices fueling inflation of food, gas and clothing...

Not just St. Patrick: Ireland home to many saints

DUBLIN - St. Patrick might have banished snakes and brought Christianity to Ireland, but perhaps his greatest feat was one of sheer endurance. After all, there were hundreds of other future saints...

Christianity about truth

...little surprised at his reasoning that Christianity is a hard sell. It may be a hard sell...Jesus saves lives.Mr. Ward said, "Christianity is not practical because it takes away...Ward makes a category mistake. If Christianity takes away individuality, that has...

Christianity is a hard sell

Christianity is not practical because it takes away our own individuality, and our ability to make our own decisions and to live our lives...

Defending the Faith Conference set for Feb. 21-22

...conference will offer an Apologetics view of Christianity to offer a reasonable defense for the...show you) why you can know that Christianity is true. (We want to) equip Christians...whether it is in favor of or opposed to Christianity, but people need to learn how to think...

Replace Graham with Cash

...runoff to the current seat holder, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan.Richard Cash unabashedly talks about the "three Cs" in his platform ? Christianity, capitalism and the Constitution. He has my support to replace Lindsey Graham!

Don't judge gays harshly

...far more compassion and understanding. Maybe instead of judging people in the name of Christianity, perhaps try serving them in the name of Christianity. Stop being scared God will judge you for making them cakes or taking their wedding pictures...

Sunday bar ban in Savannah waived for St. Patrick's Day

...were flocking to the Georgia coast. Despite the holiday's religious roots as a celebration of the priest who introduced Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick's Day and Sundays have long had a somewhat uneasy relationship in Savannah. Whenever March 17...

Scary and sacred are connected

...More than a thousand years ago, Christianity was faced with a cultural context that...disguising as evil spirits themselves.Christianity's theology of death invited the faithful...so Halloween, set in the context of Christianity, can point us toward the truth that...

Christianity gathers its strength from truth

...people." He felt that organized Christianity with its promises of salvation and...Many people today would like to see Christianity as merely an opiate. They would prefer a harmless Christianity that comforts people in their depressions...

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