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Worship event raises awareness to stop bullying

In the wake of Jerad Meriweather's death, this much is clear: "There needs to be a Christian voice speaking out against bullying," said Gordon Carver, lead singer of Dayz to Come, a local Christian band.The band launches...
Group targets 'Jerry Springer - The Opera'

...after the show was targeted by Christian Voice, a Wales-based religious organization...performance of the show after Christian Voice threatened to protest outside...mob-style tactics." But Christian Voice director Stephen Green said Maggie's...
Tolerance, diversity aren't only answers

...moral judges and legislators who can pass laws on our behalf. The liberal press is doing a great job of silencing the Christian voice. If we disagree on a moral issue, we are told that we aren't tolerant of others. In the Dec. 7 paper, two articles...
Augusta Catholics to rally for religious freedom Wednesday

...It's not only about government overreach, and I hope it's not about partisan politics," he said. "The Christian voice is being squashed these days in public life. We want to stand up and say ? the Gospel of Jesus Christ still has...
Reaching the masses

...from praise to disbelief that he's a priest. One person's comments read: "At last here is a site on YT where a Christian voice is not being uttered by a certifiable raving lunatic. Many thanks Father Steve: this is a refreshing message...
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Local and area briefs

...Williams is founder and pastor at the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Johnston. The award is part of an effort by the Christian Voice, a Washington-based lobbying group, to bring attention to the importance of good parenting. National Parents...