Chiropractor helps to stop yelps

...four-legged family members. It's the reason Dr. Glinski made the transition from traditional veterinarian to canine chiropractor after working in a general practice for 18 years. She will demonstrate the advantages of physical therapy treatments by...

Insurer sues group of doctors for $25 million

...suing a group of California doctors and chiropractors for $25 million, claiming they overcharged...were served Monday on 13 doctors, chiropractors and medical office workers. The suits...Allegedly involved are five doctors, three chiropractors and some medical office staff. All...

Study shows little benefit to chiropractic treatment

...BOSTON -- Visiting a chiropractor may be little better...and pains that some chiropractors attempt to treat...Balon was a practicing chiropractor from 1982 to 1989...both studies, some chiropractors say that perhaps the...Jerome McAndrews, a chiropractor and spokesman for...

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Across Georgia

2 chiropractors are found guilty of fraud ATLANTA --- A federal jury in Atlanta convicted two chiropractors Tuesday of health care fraud for lying so they could be reimbursed by an insurance provider for a back pain treatment. Authorities say...

Many specialists, little relief for chronic pain sufferers

...the offices of orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and local pain clinics. At age 62...run by doctors, psychotherapists, chiropractors and alternative medicine practitioners...acupuncturist, nurse, dentist or chiropractor. Yet beyond these groups and informal...

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Doctors want 'ambulance chasers' stopped

...did get sued by the chiropractor, subjected to a collection...a few Augusta area chiropractors led a group of about...those from the chiropractor topped $5,000...was because of the chiropractor, Ms. Farmer said...illegal for doctors, chiropractors and lawyers to solicit...

Some alternative therapies work, others don't

...surprises for mainstream doctors and alternative-medicine believers alike, a series of scientific studies has found that chiropractors can't help relieve tension headaches, but Chinese herbs can help an incurable bowel disease. Acupuncture didn't help...

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Across the Southeast

...to recommend alcohol treatment for him when he serves his upcoming prison sentence for accepting $25,000 in cash from chiropractors. Mr. Black, a Mecklenburg County Democrat, was sentenced last week to more than five years in prison after pleading...

'Dr. Feelgood' MVP for Panthers

...He's Eric Cerwin, the Panthers' chiropractor. Carolina is one of a handful of NFL teams to use chiropractors, and judging from the comments of...seasons. Muhammad had never seen a chiropractor before last season, but when his...

Urges recycling center for Augusta

...schools, varied denominations of churches, several colleges, Augusta Technical Institute, many hospitals, doctors, chiropractors, nursing homes and personal care homes. So, what else would be advantageous and bring income and jobs to Augusta...

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