Chinese government denies hacking into networks of US companies

...Allegheny Technologies, U.S. Steel, United Steelworkers Union and SolarWorld.China denied it all Tuesday."The Chinese government and Chinese military as well as relevant personnel have never engaged and never participated in so-called cybertheft...

Chinese stocks grow amid economic slowdown

...IMF says the pace will fall to 7.1 percent. The Chinese government is in the midst of attempting to reshape the economy...Economists credit "mini-stimulus" efforts by the Chinese government, which helped economic growth strengthen in the...

Slowing Chinese economy likely to pinch US, too

...It feels slower, but it's still pretty fast growth."Many U.S. companies plan to take advantage of a Chinese government push to clean up the environment and make the economy more energy-efficient. General Electric is selling China...

China shows true colors

...excessively conciliatory to the Chinese government. In negotiations filled with...President Al Gore operated, the Chinese government gave generously to Clinton-Gore...now not mere guests of the Chinese government but are clearly prisoners...

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Return to sender

...million order had been the subject of intense criticism, only stepped up by the recent unpleasantness with the Chinese government after the midair collision between a U.S. spy plane and a hotshot Chinese fighter pilot over the South China...

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MCG hopes to offer telemedicine partnership with Chinese

...institutions, officials said Wednesday. Medical College of Georgia President Francis J. Tedesco announced that the Chinese government was coming to look at the school's pioneering telemedicine system. The interactive video and computer linkup...

GHSU institute to promote better understanding of China

...to China to create "agreements of understanding" with five or six universities and to meet with sectors of the Chinese government."We have had lots of relationships with China through our investigators, but we have never really formalized...

Slow economic growth in China hurts US companies

...told investors in late October. A clampdown on entertainment spending by public officials hurt demand, and the Chinese government is Starwood's biggest customer in some parts of the country. The cutbacks contributed to a decline in the average...

Missing plane sent signals to satellite for hours

...Vietnam, where satellite images published on a Chinese government website reportedly showed three suspected floating...families and friends are burning with anxiety. The Chinese government and Chinese people are all deeply concerned about...

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...used to whiten products from cars to the middle of Oreo cookies and selling it to a competitor controlled by the Chinese government.The federal jury found Robert Maegerle, 78, and Walter Liew, 56, guilty of economic espionage and each could...