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Indian prime minister gets warm reception at Facebook 'town hall' hosted by Zuckerberg

...S. tech executives in Seattle. Silicon Valley firms are eager to do more business in both countries, although China's government has thrown up more barriers to U.S. firms.Modi is scheduled to fly east Monday to meet with President Obama...
AP survey: China's lending bubble could threaten US and global economies if not defused

...can send prices sinking and trigger loan defaults by developers. Banks then curtail lending, slowing growth.China's government has adopted a program intended to strengthen its financial sector and transform its economy with more consumer spending...
Host revels in record medal haul

BEIJING --- Hurdler Liu Xiang's painful withdrawal and a ho-hum performance by basketball star Yao Ming were low points for China at the Beijing Olympics.
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...a similar yeti-like creature have been reported in Tibet, though its existence hasn't been proven either. China's government has previously urged tourist agencies to cut down on creature-hunting safaris in Shennongjia, saying they were...
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Google receives permission to remain in China

SAN FRANCISCO --- Google won permission Friday to maintain its Web site in China and keep its toehold in the world's most populous nation.
Cheap overseas work has its drawbacks

...manufacturing overseas, there might be other drawbacks, officials say. Economists can't predict what will happen to China's government and economy in the next decade, Dr. Leightner said. "Who knows what the current leadership of China is going...
China hikes rates for first time in nine years

...58 percent, the first increase in more than nine years. The adjustment, which takes effect Friday, comes as China's government struggles to curb investment growth that continues to keep economic growth at an annual rate of more than 9 percent...
W.H.O. says more funding needed to investigate bird flu

...reports that researchers in northern China had found bird flu in pigs, which are genetically similar to humans. China's government said its scientists had found the virus in two pigs last year. But it insisted that blood tests on 1.1 million...
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China confirms world's first SARS death of the year

...need a system that can quickly detect cases if they occur, and again there have been some weaknesses there." China's government said it was cooperating with the WHO investigation of its lab practices.
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Textile industry gloom mounts as import quotas set to expire

...government's control of its currency gives its exporters an advantage estimated at between 15 percent and 50 percent. China's government says its exchange rate policy is determined by the nation's needs. Textiles' shift to China continues a long-established...