You Remembered: Polio

...Dimes Foundation, and Jane was a poster child for that organization. Years later she...Well... she has a bad cold."Another child, seeing her remove her braces as she...a natural teacher and took a number of children under her wing through the years, baking...

Jackson mayoral candidates differ on growth

...moving fast enough and that the town shouldn't have to base its livelihood so much on its SRS traffic. He puts a quality child care center and small grocery store high on his list of the town's needs."I think the recession played some role and the...

Richmond County Probate Judge remembered for his service

...said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."The funeral will be at noon Monday at the Congregation Children of Israel Temple at 3005 Walton Way. A graveside military tribute will be held at Westover Memorial Park after the service...

Child molestation case against child psychologist in limbo

...molestation case against an Augusta child psychologist surfaced this week...accuse him of committing acts of child molestation in 2005, 2008...inappropriate sexual behavior that the children said they learned at McPherson's...communicate with a forensic child interviewer, and the second...

Rants & Raves

...knowing the potential for hazing out there, no matter how much the national organizations deny it, I would never encourage my child to join one. From being treated like they're doing you a favor so you'd better do whatever you're told, to physically...

Sad Puppies crying about latest trends in science fiction

...David Gerrold, whose credits include writing for the original Star Trek TV series and the Hugo-winning novelette The Martian Child, wrote recently on his Facebook page that Torgersen "has committed all the same sins he is now projecting onto others."

Augusta's lead arson investigator to retire Friday

...can't count the number of fatalities I've seen," Brown said. "The hardest of all is finding children. It's so difficult to see a child pass away because their death was out of their control. They didn't leave the stove on. They don't...

Jail unethical educators

...them teachers.My career covered from 1963 to 2003. I witnessed the deterioration of society, morality and academics. Our children's behavior and achievement reflects the teaching and environment of surrounding adults. What does it matter if we lie...

Some stem cells heal differently, researchers said

...regenerative response, Caplan said.These cells, which are derived from blood vessel cells, are in great quantities in children but diminish over time. Thus the body begins to lose that ability to regenerate in an injury, such as a heart attack, he...

Lyle Self

...best friend and wife of 20 years, Sandra Sutton Self, and children: Jason Self (Emily) of Lincoln Park, MI; Audrey Olenzek...Lyle was born in Washington Courthouse, Ohio, the first child of Bernard and Carolina Self. He graduated Washington Courthouse...