Rants & Raves

...Augusta University or the University of Augusta. Stay on it. Maybe we will get it changed. TO SAY THE ACADEMIC future of a child is what income level the family has is stupid. A family could live in a tent and the kids could still get an education. Most...

Wheeless Road Elementary School staff hit road to inform community

...so passionate about this, even though they haven't had a child in the classroom yet."Harris said the bus ride and flyer...families who have not established ties at the school their children attend."It plays a vital role in our attempts to increase...

Taylor: Like a parent, God is tough with us, but it's out of love

...being a parent. Children grow up and move out, but that child never really moves...they loved their children and because sometimes...like telling your child, "You can't...these wayward children. God says, "When Israel was a child I loved him...

Warren Baptist to hold singles conference

...Susan Cady.The cost to attend is $20 and includes meals and child care. Registration is due by Aug. 17. Registration will be...accepted after Aug. 17 and on the day of the event, but meals and child care will not be included.For more information or to register...

Girl, 8, reports molestation at Grovetown Wal-Mart

...that while shopping that afternoon, her daughter told her an unknown man spoke to her and touched her inappropriately. The child's mother found the man and confronted him, but he left the store.Sheriff's investigators later obtained video images...

The parent-kid pot talk from inside the industry

...she said. "Is a neighbor going to report me because they see I have a child? But over the past year, things in Colorado have calmed down quite a...going on with parents and just being able to use it as medicine and have a child."

Mentoring program expected to help Richmond County Alternative Education Center students in choice-making

...stay on track academically and behaviorally."This is important to us because we want to make an impact," she said. "We are all about literally changing the lives of kids. We want every child to graduate with a plan for the future."

What Is It?

...car is a 1963 Thunderbird. Its shape giving it the nickname 'bulletbird,' it was the last of the third generation. As a child I remember reading one of my dad's Popular Mechanics, which had a brief description and picture of the new (fourth-generation...

Augusta man guilty in domestic violence cases

An Augusta man accused of brutalizing his girlfriend in front of her children pleaded guilty Friday.Dyrell N. Marshall, 31, pleaded in Richmond County Superior Court to aggravated assault for the March...

Gun-wielder is an affront

...morning to see a photo of a man with an assault rifle standing outside a shopping center I have been to many times with my children. What is worse, he was standing in front of an enormous sign proclaiming his support and defense of our troops from "Islamic...