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Falcons sign fullback Patrick DiMarco, defensive end Cliff Matthews to contract extensions

...effective immediately.Stuart Spears has been promoted from vice president of business operations and sales to chief revenue officer. Bob Flynn is in charge of facilities and game day operations.
Beacons pop up in stores ahead of holidays

...notifications.""You can't be interruptive or intrusive, you have to be positive and helpful," said Alexis Rask, chief revenue officer of Shopkick, whose app is also used by teen retailer American Eagle to provide welcome messages, merchandise...
United gets tough on oversized carry-on bags, plans to eyeball luggage at security entrances

...million in checked-bag fees a year but wants to increase that figure. In a January earnings call, the airline's chief revenue officer, Jim Compton, said United hopes to collect an extra $700 million over the next four years from extras such as...
Augusta company to offer private health insurance exchange

...Augusta firm.There is a big difference between the public and private exchanges, said Michael Karp, Liazon's chief revenue officer. The public exchange will offer different levels of plans but is designed primarily to help deliver government...
Marketers increase use of sound in online ads

...of audio. Clients are smart enough to know that the annoyance factor plays more heavily." Paul Iaffaldano, chief revenue officer at, acknowledges that audio ads at his site were initially flops. "Technically it went well...
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