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As girls grow, their leggings draw attention at school

...not disruptive or disrespectful in some way.Beyond that, Nancy Hablutzel, a professor of education at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, says consistency is important."But," she says, "so is common sense."
Employers asking job applicants for Facebook passwords

Some companies and government agencies are asking to log in as the user to have a look at job seekers' Facebook pages.
Cloning ban in limbo

WASHINGTON -- Despite widespread concerns about the prospect of human cloning, if scientists wanted to try to clone a person today, there arguably would be nothing to stop them. Several anti-cloning bills have been introduced in Congress, but none has passed. And legal experts question the Food and Drug Administration's assertion that it has the authority to regulate human cloning, noting that the agency has not invoked that authority for other novel forms of reproduction.
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Overtime pay or time off - who should choose?

...We'd be entering a huge unknown," said Martin Malin, director of the Institute of Law and the Workplace at Chicago-Kent College of Law. "This is an area that offers a lot of promise, but the concerns raised ... should be taken seriously...
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