Cheney touts military boost

...Republican vice presidential nominee Dick Cheney told a gathering sponsored by a Georgia...a submarine depot in St. Marys. Mr. Cheney, on his first trip to the state since...readiness problems." To illustrate, Mr. Cheney cited a 40 percent decline in troops in...

Cheney pays visit to support Burns

Vice President Dick Cheney vowed he came to Augusta for one reason...about the looming war against Iraq. Mr. Cheney was in Augusta for a fund-raising reception...Georgia congressional candidates whom Mr. Cheney stumped for Friday. In the primary...

Cheney stumps for Graham

...a strong ally in the Senate, Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday. Cheney was the key speaker at a $250-a-person fund-raiser...first-term senator in a brand-new Republican Senate," Cheney said. It's not the first time Graham's campaign...

Cheney, Edwards try to gain ground

...expense Tuesday as Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic rival John Edwards squared...running mates' confrontation that Mr. Cheney should acknowledge mistakes made in Iraq...strategists hoped a strong showing by Mr. Cheney at the nationally televised debate at...

Cheney honors soldier ancestor

...CHICKAMAUGA, Ga. --- Vice President Dick Cheney told Civil War re-enactors at Chickamauga...busloads of northwest Georgia students, Mr. Cheney said it is "amazing and inspiring to...Event director Reece Sexton said Mr. Cheney accepted an invitation to return to the...

Cheney praises training center

...BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Vice President Dick Cheney told students and staff at the Federal...terrorists who would target the country. Mr. Cheney and Michael Chertoff, the secretary of...safer, but it is not yet safe," Mr. Cheney said. "The enemy that appeared on 9-11...

Cheney and Edwards were televised display in contrasts

NEW YORK - If Dick Cheney and John Edwards hadn't been scrapping...vice presidential debate Tuesday night, Cheney and Edwards each was yin to the other's...ways on the issue of hydration. Unlike Cheney, Edwards repeatedly took sips from his...

Cheney says June 30 deadline is set

...coalition headquarters, Vice President Dick Cheney reaffirmed the U.S. military's June...sovereignty to the Iraqi people," Mr. Cheney said Monday while speaking at a fund-raiser...the camp of tyranny and terror." Mr. Cheney did not specifically reference the car...

Cheney urges consumers to save more money

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney urged Americans Thursday to do a better...begin on the very first day of work," Cheney told a conference here exploring how to...paycheck and are not saving sufficiently, Cheney said. Last year, Americans' personal...

Cheney stumps for Chambliss

...Democrats at every turn, Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday. "We need more leaders...work with us, not against us," Mr. Cheney told an enthusiastic audience of nearly...local GOP congressional candidate. Mr. Cheney and President Bush have been crisscrossing...