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Red China wrong to ban pop singer

...singer Chang Hui-Mei, sang the Taiwanese national anthem at the inauguration ceremony of newly-elected President Chen Shui-bian. Already angered by the election of Mr. Chen, the Communist leadership has attempted to sabotage the career of...
Taiwan's new president begins new chapter for sovereign state

...president." But U.S. presidential politics isn't a big topic in Taiwan this week. The presidential election of Chen Shui-bian is the big news story, with all of its international ramifications. Chen won in a free election over the candidate...
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...the island in June. His other Hollywood films include "Shanghai Knights" and the "Rush Hour" movies. President Chen Shui-bian narrowly won the March 20 vote, but opposition candidate Lien Chan claims the vote was marred by irregularities...
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Year of the Snake could be good for President Bush

...Taiwan and China, should be worried about the upcoming year, according to Chinese astrology. Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian and Chinese President Jiang Zemin are both tigers - bitter enemies of the snake. China's anticipated entry into...
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Taiwan's Ang Lee receives praise from mainland China

...split amid civil war in 1949. China's leaders recently stepped up their rhetoric against Taiwan after its President Chen Shui-bian shut down a Taiwanese government body devoted to seeking unification with the mainland. Another front-page China...
Reinventing the wheel's time to shift into a new era - one that's based on service, research and developing high-end products. Chen Shui-bian, Taiwan's new president, frequently talks about how he wants to create a "Green Silicon Island" and a "knowledge-based...
Back Taiwan sales

...Clinton and Beijing are disturbed that Taiwan voters elected a pro-independence president in the March elections. Chen Shui-bian has not played up his controversial views since taking office, yet the Clinton Administration is still reluctant...
In Asia, bitter enemies talked peace, but plenty of worries remained

...its "taikonaut," Yang Liwei. China turned immediately to its next plan - a space station. In Taiwan, President Chen Shui-bian came under Chinese and U.S. pressure to cancel a referendum coming up in March that will ask voters to demand that...
Patience, Taiwan

It is, as Chen Shui-bian suggests, ridiculous for China to be aiming missiles at Taiwan. What China has to fear from what it considers only a renegade...