For me, chemo treatment far from horror show

When you are about to undergo chemotherapy, you will hear horror stories about the side effects. The worst, for me, was about a man who, when the chemo took his hair...

GRU residency program grant award extends additional vaccine opportunities for area seniors

...populations, such as children under age 18, and immunocompromised patients such as those with HIV or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, Coffin said."Those are our most vulnerable populations," she said.The hope is that it will...

Green tea lozenge helps dry mouth

...of people in the U.S. will suffer chronic dry mouth at some point, often from medications they are taking such as in chemotherapy, or from diseases such as diabetes or an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's syndrome, where the immune system mistakenly...

Leukemia diagnosis floored me only temporarily

...paperwork in my hand. No, not aromatherapy, dummy.Chemotherapy.Five hours earlier, I had told a nurse I was having...wyntk/leukemia.Next week, I'll explain why I think chemotherapy is no longer a four-letter word.

Why do we separate ourselves from the world?

...We, the clergy, have become in our kept roles "keepers of the castle."As a sufferer of neuropathy resulting from chemotherapy, I often use our transit system and now see this city through different eyes. The route between my home and Mann Memorial...

More Than Skin Deep: Dealing with chemotherapy

Dear Scott: I am going to have chemotherapy and wanted to know if my hair would fall out. If it does...really long hair and have been told that I will lose it during chemotherapy. Do you have any suggestions? I am terrified.Answer...

Fired school data clerk files federal discrimination complaint

...discrimination after she was fired last year while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.Jacquelyn McFeely, 50, filed...leave for treatment. She suffered complications from the chemotherapy and after her oncologist requested the school system provide...

Study finds lingering memory problems after chemotherapy

...TAMPA, Fla. -- Ordinary doses of chemotherapy sometimes appear to permanently dull...found that people who get standard chemotherapy appear to be about twice as likely...suggest that aggressive treatment with chemotherapy may be unwise in some people with early-stage...

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Chemotherapy before surgery nearly doubles bladder cancer survival

...when doctors treat them first with chemotherapy rather than relying solely on surgery...surgeons remove the bladder, but chemotherapy is avoided unless the cancer clearly...treated with surgery alone or with chemotherapy followed by surgery. Median survival...

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Test may help rule out need for chemotherapy

...cancer might be spared unnecessary chemotherapy if doctors check their tumors for proteins...back in the other 30 percent. Giving chemotherapy to these women can reduce this risk...to identify this minority who need chemotherapy. In general, doctors recommend treatment...

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