Moore: End of chemotherapy for leukemia rang my bell

My Christmas came early. On Friday, I stood at the end of the room where I had taken three-day chemotherapy sessions for the past six months and rang the bell attached to the wall. It's something of a loud, proud ceremony for cancer...

Faces of Survival: Sandra Moore

...a mastectomy in 1992, and she was fortunate not to need chemotherapy or other medicine. Two years later, while she was living...second mammogram and was again fortunate enough to not need chemotherapy or other medicines."It was quite an emotional ordeal...

Study finds lingering memory problems after chemotherapy

...TAMPA, Fla. -- Ordinary doses of chemotherapy sometimes appear to permanently dull...found that people who get standard chemotherapy appear to be about twice as likely...suggest that aggressive treatment with chemotherapy may be unwise in some people with early-stage...

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Chemotherapy before surgery nearly doubles bladder cancer survival

...when doctors treat them first with chemotherapy rather than relying solely on surgery...surgeons remove the bladder, but chemotherapy is avoided unless the cancer clearly...treated with surgery alone or with chemotherapy followed by surgery. Median survival...

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Test may help rule out need for chemotherapy

...cancer might be spared unnecessary chemotherapy if doctors check their tumors for proteins...back in the other 30 percent. Giving chemotherapy to these women can reduce this risk...to identify this minority who need chemotherapy. In general, doctors recommend treatment...

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As Mona Pinnington endures chemotherapy, she refuses to allow cancer to control her life

...The aftermath of her first chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer...just the latest victim of the chemotherapy. Pinnington was hit by pain...and Tuesday after getting her chemotherapy the previous Thursday. That...

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Study: Chemotherapy plus tamoxifen improves breast cancer survival

...cancer patients treated with both chemotherapy and tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen...received tamoxifen, plus two chemotherapy drugs, methotrexate and fluorouracil...should be considered for multidrug chemotherapy following surgery.

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Coach resumes chemotherapy

...Yow said Tuesday that she has resumed chemotherapy treatments in her fight against breast...graceful battle with cancer stopped chemotherapy for five months during the off-season...media day, Yow said she restarted chemotherapy a month ago to lower her circulating...

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Fertility restored after chemotherapy

...lymph nodes. Before he could undergo chemotherapy, which often renders men infertile...Men who lose their fertility after chemotherapy can, in rare cases, regain their...from their testes before they undergo chemotherapy. Stem cells found in the testicles...

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Flyers coach to begin chemotherapy

...PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Flyers coach Roger Neilson begins chemotherapy for bone marrow cancer on Wednesday, the team said. The...Flyers-Sabres game. He is to undergo several months of chemotherapy then get a bone marrow transplant in March. In the operation...