Nuclear workers learn about medical benefits at town hall meetings

...chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Leiton said.Claimants can be reimbursed for office visits, prescription medicine, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, medical travel expenses, medical equipment, hospice, home health care and other expenses.Sullivent...

Browns name Brian Hoyer starting quarterback over Johnny Manziel

...UPDATE: Jim Kelly shows no evidence of sinus cancer three months after the Hall of Fame quarterback completed radiation and chemotherapy treatments.Kelly had surgery in June 2013 to remove cancerous cells in his upper jaw. The cancer then spread to his sinus...

VA awards wrongful-death settlement to local family

...periodic testing and a biopsy to start chemotherapy, under the suspicion that the disease...conditions, but if he had received chemotherapy and other treatment, we argued, it...gallbladder cancer. He had two rounds of chemotherapy, but when the disease attacked his...

Augusta family remembers Robin Williams' support of St. Jude hospital

...potential outcomes of his four transplants. He is more susceptible to developing other forms of cancer because of years of chemotherapy, his dad said."He's in unchartered territory. Certain things we do, they are tracking his progress to establish some...

For me, chemo treatment far from horror show

When you are about to undergo chemotherapy, you will hear horror stories about the side effects. The worst, for me, was about a man who, when the chemo took his hair...

Girl with rare syndrome brings visitor from Australia

...were already 75 percent covered" by the tumor, O'Shields said. Kylee did end up losing her left kidney and her hair to chemotherapy, but she pulled through.The party tonight at the O'Shields' church, Heights Church in Clearwater, is to celebrate...

Jadeveon Clowney says he will start Texans' preseason opener

...couldn't remove all the cancerous cells and that McNair had an aggressive form of the disease. He underwent six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy and CT scans in April and on Monday showed that the cancer cells were virtually gone.

Rookie back provides spark for Giants

...Both Reed and Strahan gathered their respective teams at midfield for a pre-game pep talk.Kelly, who is recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, served as the Bills honorary captain during the coin toss and received a big cheer from the crowd...

Why do we separate ourselves from the world?

...We, the clergy, have become in our kept roles "keepers of the castle."As a sufferer of neuropathy resulting from chemotherapy, I often use our transit system and now see this city through different eyes. The route between my home and Mann Memorial...

Glynn Moore: 'Chronicle' readers lifted my spirits with their stories of cancer

...past couple of weeks, I have written about my leukemia and chemotherapy to encourage others who have been diagnosed and might feel...everything I could in the past. After only one session of chemotherapy so far, I realize that the side effects might increase with...