Chemo With Style helps cancer survivors to cope

...off the latest in fashions during the Chemo With Style Fashion Show on Nov. 12. It is a fundraiser for a program, Chemo With Style, that will be offered in...volunteer coordinator for the program. "Chemo With Style will offer them styling suggestions...

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Chemo Duck is here to help

...equipment when diagnosed with cancer more than four years ago just shy of his first birthday. But the ordeal was made easier with Chemo Duck - a yellow stuffed duck complete with hospital scrubs, a head bandanna and a tiny IV line for chemotherapy. The plush...

For me, chemo treatment far from horror show

...for me, was about a man who, when the chemo took his hair, it included his nose hair...didn't have time to ponder the upcoming chemo.At my quarterly exam on a Wednesday, we...six days after the exam ? I was taking chemo.It was a long, brutal day, friends...

Pregnant breast cancer patient faces chemo

...long-term birth defects or anything if the chemo is not given in the first 14 weeks or so...her that the old image of violently sick chemo patients is in the past."We have pretty...uncommon that people get sick with the chemo now."The third drug, Taxol, will...

Large doses of chemo drug may help people with advanced MS

...infections and other problems." Autoimmune diseases typically are suppressed with drug interferon, steroids, radiation and other chemo drugs that stop reproduction of the confused cells that treat the body's own cells like they're foreign invaders. Brodsky's...

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Doctors ponder lasting effects of chemo

Dawn Galloway and her children have a name for the occasional lapse of memory. "Chemo brain, that's what she tells me," said Tyler Galloway, 15. "I can use that," mom protests, laughing. Having survived...

Serviceman suffered public slights

I have a friend who is undergoing chemo treatments, and is very weakened by this. The other day I took him into one of our larger chain stores; he had to use one of...

Faces of survival: Beth Blount

...He was always there to pick me up," she said. HER ADVICE "Don't think you are the only one going on with this," she said. "Talking to the ones that are taking chemo along with you helps a lot. You find out how they feel as well."

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Faces of survival: Kim Sharpe

...something like this without all three. Outlook: I was very blessed that I was diagnosed early. My breast cancer was Stage I. The chemo and radiation treatment were precautionary. My prognosis is very good. This experience has changed me so much. I will never...

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Faces of Survival: Rhonda Fleischauer

...fullest, as if there were no tomorrow! PERSONAL: I was nine weeks pregnant when I found out I had breast cancer and took chemo during my pregnancy. The Lord blessed me with a beautiful and healthy baby boy during my ordeal and a wonderful husband.

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