Important questions linger over nuclear deal with Iran

...a former U.S. senator from Georgia, is the co-chairman and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a charitable organization working to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.)

New developments underscore rising threat of Chechen extremism

...nor respect the United States. This results from President Obama's reluctance to act in Syria after Assad used chemical weapons; reluctance to engage seriously with ISIS elements in Iraq; reluctance to seriously confront the Russian incursion...

Nothing to cheer about

...Syria wouldn't be gassing its own people with chlorine. It would have abided by the Obama administration's 2013 chemical-weapons agreement.Iran has for years buffaloed the international community about the true intent of its nuclear program...

Just answer us -- why?

...blaming it on a video?Why did Obama draw a line in the sand with Syria, promising a harsh response if it used chemical weapons against its own people, then do nothing when it did?Why is he negotiating, excluding Congress, unilaterally with...

Saddam moved WMDs

...destruction ever were found in Iraq. He conveniently omits increasing evidence that Saddam Hussein sent all his chemical weapons to three locations in Syria before the coalition invasion, upon the advice of a senior Russian adviser.Satellite...

Look at Obama's actions

...red line in the sand in Syria, then walked away and did nothing when the Syrian regime crossed that line and used chemical weapons on its own people. He failed to secure our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, for political reasons, allowing...

Rules of disengagement

...response to Syria's civil war was a failure. The only meaningful progress was scored by Russia, negotiating a chemical-weapons drawdown. But even that didn't work ? Bashar al-Assad's regime is still blasting away at its civilians with...

What's the big issue?

...foreign policy decisions by this administration, such as the drawing and erasing of red lines in Syria for uses of chemical weapons against its own people ? or the talk of tough sanctions against Russia and Vladimir Putin if he continues his bullying...

Analysis: Putin tests Obama foreign policy

...is using to withdraw from Afghanistan, and relies on Putin's cooperation on an agreement to strip Syria of its chemical weapons stockpiles.And perhaps most pressing for Obama is Russia's partnership in tense international negotiations with...

A lack of leadership

...colonel. Putin's Russia will not be moved by Obama's stern lectures and meaningless ultimatums, such as the chemical weapons "red line" crossed by Syria in its civil war.The president now finds himself dealing with a scenario he laughed...