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...Experimental Therapeutics. Dr. Buccafusco researches new drug therapies for Alzheimer's disease, exposure to chemical warfare agents and drug addiction. - Glenn Bedell , the administrative director of Ambulatory Care Surgical Services at MCG...
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Handlers to destroy weapons

...workers deliver pallets of weapons to the incinerator that in 1996 began destroying the depot's 13,616 tons of chemical warfare agents - weapons so destructive and harmful the U.S. military has never used them. The mission is not without its...
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Oregon farm town grows with blue-collar job boom the year 2000 it will employ 507. The nerve gas incinerator is a product of Hermiston's first boom, the old Umatilla Army Depot. Now called the Umatilla Chemical Depot, it is home to 7.4 million pounds of chemical warfare agents.
Mystery sickness creates new battles

...veterans' illnesses. PB had not been fully approved and licensed by the FDA as a pretreatment for exposure to chemical warfare agents. They inhaled toxic fumes emanating from the oil-well fires in Kuwait, set by retreating Iraqi troops. They...
Gulf War Illness cause may have been found

...does not provide a final answer to the question that has lingered since the end of the Gulf War: Was exposure to chemical warfare agents responsible for some of the neurological and other health problems reported by veterans? "It is not possible...
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