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Young trees don't know when to shed

...tip of a branch may have a leaf or two that hangs on. Throughout the growing season, leaves and buds send out a chemical signal. As long as the signal is strong, leaves remain connected to the tree. In return, they receive essential elements...
Support grows for stem cell research

...damage, such as those that might occur as the result of the stroke, seem more likely. Dr. Carroll is studying a chemical signal called stromal cell-derived factor-1 that appears early on when tissue is damaged. "That is basically an attractant...
Research making progress in quest for male version of The Pill

...challenge." But some researchers have responded. In the most advanced work, scientists are trying to block the chemical signal from the brain that orders production of testosterone and sperm. One way is simply to inject a man with testosterone...
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Blood flow connected to disease

...Alzheimer's-type symptoms appeared. Researchers found that microscopic blood vessels in the mice brains didn't respond to a chemical signal to dilate, which would increase blood flow. In normal life that might mean the vessels can't shunt more blood...
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