2012 nuclear waste milestone reached at Savannah River Site

...2012 with the interim disposition of more than 500,000 gallons of the material.Savannah River Remediation uses chemical processes to remove most radioactive isotopes - including cesium, plutonium and strontium - from salt waste in the site's...

EPA draft report cites cancer risks from dioxin

...the EPA reviewers as "likely" carcinogens. Dioxin, a chlorine byproduct that is produced through a number of chemical processes including combustion, enters the food chain and can accumulate in humans over a lifetime. The EPA report projects...

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Report finds serious SRS issues are unaddressed

...And let's be honest: When you're dealing with tritium, plutonium, enriched uranium and the thousands of chemical processes and substances used in the production of the most lethal by-products known to mankind, risk is a reality that...

Opinion columns | Aiken County Council | Savannah River Site

...located on more than 1,000 acres approximately 18 miles northwest of Cincinnati. Through a complex series of chemical processes, the plant refined raw uranium ore, producing and machining pure uranium for use at other sites. In later years...

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Cleanup sweeps away Cold War-era buildings

...abbreviation as a nickname to throw off the Soviet Union. The area actually was used as a testing ground for fuel and chemical processes and the Defense Waste Processing Facility, which converts liquid waste into glass - two reasons it was the first...

Metro | Savannah River Site
Another possible hazard caused by nicotine

...addictive properties, the study is the first to examine the chemical potential of a nicotine metabolite to affect chemical processes in the body. Janda and graduate student Tobin Dickerson were searching for new ways to treat nicotine addiction...

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Savannah River lab improves automakers' robots

...problem and result in significant cost savings." Federal nuclear workers use sensors in their facilities to monitor chemical processes, vibration on large pumps and blowers and environmental conditions such as shock, vibration and linear acceleration...

Rain garden is perfect way to make use of stormwater

...slowly seeps through mulch and soil layers, Mr. Welker says, pollutants are filtered out, broken down through chemical processes, or absorbed by plants, so that what percolates down to recharge underground wells, springs, and feeder streams...

Apparel retailers and manufacturers chase after hassle-free apparel

...Nano-Tex LLC, whose customers include Eddie Bauer, Gap, Old Navy and Perry Ellis. Nano-Tex uses different chemical processes to give fabric its care-free qualities. With garments that repel liquid stains, for example, the process includes...

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Utility's goofs mean new fees

...warehouse and the supervisor who helped pour it into the system. Georgia Power spokesman John Sell said: "We have gone back to our labeling processes. We have reviewed our chemical processes, and corrective measures are in place."