Civic hackers seek ways to better Augusta

...National Day of Civic Hacking, being held Friday and Saturday at the old Richmond Academy building on Telfair Street.Chemical process engineer Perry Levin, who spends his days at Savannah River Site, said the event prompted him to address a concern...

'Bad-cell bomber' could help wipe out ailments like cancer

...years, thanks in part to a recent Sandia National Laboratories discovery. Sandia scientists have confirmed that a chemical process in cells could be manipulated to create microscopic drug-delivery vehicles that drop their cargo only on diseased...

XXX Technology
Uranium program nears end

...schedule and should be complete next year, the federal Department of Energy announced Thursday. The site uses a chemical process to separate and blend down highly enriched uranium, which leaves behind a less potent version of the radioactive...

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Gun linked to ex-Bulldog Crowell was stolen

...Georgia Bureau of Investigation's State Crime Lab were able to recover the handgun's serial number through a chemical process, said Athens-Clarke police Sgt. Rick Hammond.Authorities ran the serial number though a firearms database and...

New method of cleanup may be used at SRS

...1953. The problem is, no one knows whether the chemical process the nuclear scrubber relies on will work outside...of Sciences picked an alternative technology, a chemical process known as solvent extraction for the $1.4 billion...

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Lauds Augusta Tech operator course

...it gives the students the basic tools to assure potential employers that we, the students, have a basic grasp of chemical process and the ability to further our knowledge in this field. This letter slamming Augusta Tech and its program is a disservice...

Opinion columns
Splenda is sued over sugar claim

...sweeteners, says Splenda contains no sugar and is instead sweetened with a synthetic compound through a complex chemical process. McNeil counters that Merisant is trying to win in a courtroom after losing on store shelves. Merisant attorneys...

New advances in treatments for clothing appeal to convenience-seeking consumers

...now it's for clothing." More than just being sprayed on clothing to make a barrier, fabric treatments are a chemical process that include the treatment and a curing stage. "Curing, with heat applied to the fabric, makes it durable...

Life & style
Grease plundered to brew biodiesel

...found someone had already helped himself to their barrel of yellow oil. Grease is transformed into fuel through a chemical process that removes glycerine and adds methanol, leaving a thinner product that can power a diesel engine. Biodiesel can...

Community center benefits from United Way's program

...seven years I've worked with the program," said Paul Filpus-Luyckx, a program manager with environmental and chemical process technology at the Savannah River National Laboratory. He spent Friday installing a linoleum floor. In the past...

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