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Shock therapy not so shocking anymore

...describing a social problem. Often in depression cases, experts believe, a social problem eventually triggers a chemical problem, an imbalance in the brain. Many years ago, as Cadmus sought to make sense of alcoholic parents who kept him up...
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SRS cleanup strategy to cost 46.3 billion

...recently acknowledged that a facility built to treat the bulk of the tank waste must be modified or replaced because of chemical problems, a process that could take years and potentially delay the high-level waste program. Overall, though, the cleanup...
`Simplicity,' new attitude keep Allman on music road right -- and then when I almost got it finished, right in the middle I had to put it on the shelf and get my chemical problem together once and for all. And now, I'm good and sober. I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I have...
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Lake cleanup teaches lessons about pollution

...but the discovery of four dead animals in virtually the same spot led to speculation that the waterway could have chemical problems. Mr. Hammond-Beyer, who teaches advanced placement environmental biology and upper-level physics at Lucy C...
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Bomb squad faces danger with care

...he said. The squad, which covers 15 counties, also recovers ammunition and assists in potentially dangerous chemical problems, such as cleaning methamphetamine labs. In addition to training, bomb squad applicants must undergo an FBI background...
SRS weighs waste system alternatives be treated there. But in January, Westinghouse notified the Department of Energy it was unable to resolve a chemical problem that had long plagued the system. That was 15 years after work began, and years after some critics first voiced...