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Aromas change in microgravity

...rose plant. An analysis of the molecules once they were returned to Earth found a "significant change" in the chemical composition that caused a "notable but pleasant difference" in the bouquet, according to International Flavors & Fragrances...
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Don't trust everything you read

...acknowledgement to such suggestions.) "I'm sorry," I answered gently, "but I don't know anything about the chemical composition of turkey." I vaguely remembered some study a few years ago that seemed to corroborate her claim, so I suggested...
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After Mars flops, NASA might have to cut back, official warns

...that will explore the surface of the planet and "rovers" that will roll around on wheels, "sniffing" the chemical composition of rocks and transmitting TV pictures to Earth. The list includes "orbiters" that will orbit Mars to monitor...
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Researchers find evidence meteorite caused extinction 250 million years ago

...meteorites. "The only place you would find the chemical composition that we found in these fragments is in very primitive...have laid down a layer of dust bearing the same chemical composition as the meteorite. The dinosaur-killing asteroid...
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Counterfeiter gains a family at last

...endeavors, and an ancient, nearly forgotten art. The new C note, with its color-shifting ink and special chemical composition that responded to a counterfeit-detecting pen, presented challenges that intimidated experienced counterfeiters...
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Plants that can kill other plants studied as alternatives for pesticides

...roots or decomposition of the plants themselves. Much of Weston's graduate-school research centered on the chemical composition of crabgrass, which also displays allelopathic properties. "We had noticed it suppressed legume growth," she...
Hawaiian squid has built-in light for camouflage

...called purines, in this squid they were made from an unusual type of protein the researchers named reflectin. The chemical composition of that tissue is very unusual, agreed Michael Vecchione, director of the National Systematics Laboratory of...
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Scientific panel concludes FBI bullet analysis is flawed

...Iowa State University conducted research that drew similar conclusions. "The fact that two bullets have similar chemical composition may not necessarily mean that both have the same origin," that study said.
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Researchers fighting bad breath in cattle

...make a lot of methane." Human activities - like cultivating livestock - have in the last 200 years altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide...
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Spacecraft orbits asteroid for first time

...a powerful camera, that will map and probe every surface inch of Eros. The instruments will measure density, chemical composition and magnetic fields. The camera will send back photos in different spectra, in black-and-white and color...
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