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...declines have been blamed in large part on severe winter weather.US consumer prices increase 0.1 percentWASHINGTON - Cheaper energy kept U.S. consumer prices in check last month, despite a big rise in the cost of food, the latest sign that inflation...
Rants and raves

Comments from our readers: GREAT IDEA ABOUT the "forest fuel" move for cheaper energy. But don't tell the greeners about it, or they'll immediately come screaming "smog!" TO THE MORON who asked why the police...
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Across South Carolina

...the construction of the Santee Cooper plant, arguing that the company should focus instead on finding a cleaner, cheaper energy source. Santee Cooper provides electric and water service to customers in three Lowcountry counties, but also generates...
Candidates gear up for PSC election

...have with coal-fired plants placing more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That underscores the need for safer and cheaper energy, which is nuclear power. District Four Powell: I think it will probably slow it down. Coal is still the most cost...
From biofuels to wind, quest for energy alternatives steps up

...a biodiesel revolution going where people will start making their own fuel." Those now in labs trying to devise cheaper energy solutions applaud federal and state government support but emphasize that more will be needed if they are to succeed...
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Does Barrow want to fix anything?

...saving Social Security; replacing the income tax with the Fair Tax; and building nuclear reactors for cleaner, cheaper energy. Rep. Barrow denied that Social Security was going broke and did not want any changes, at least until the "very...