Fulton candidate acknowledges using government chauffeurs for private trips

ATLANTA -- A former Fulton County commissioner running for office again has admitted she may have used police chauffeurs for personal business. Karen Webster, running for chairman, requested at least 112 trips between her home and the airport...

Driving a limousine no stretch for this chauffeur

...of Winnsboro, S.C., chauffeurs in Columbia and Augusta several...Madeleine Albright."When you chauffeur stars like them, people offer...Mickle. "I'm not just a chauffeur. I`m a bartender and housekeeper...responsibility.Drivers often chauffeur for one another for special...

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Work with James Brown got chauffeur business in gear

...Associates on Broad Street started his chauffeur business on the side in 1989 and received...on, he wanted me to be his personal chauffeur. I was James Brown's limo driver for...take early retirement.As Brown's chauffeur, he drove the entertainer to his home...

Personal chefs replace takeout

Along with a butler and chauffeur, an in-house cook used to be a privilege of only the rich and famous. Not anymore. With more people such as Pam Lien entering...

Nice face lift, but let's heal the leg!

I have had the pleasure of serving as "airport chauffeur" for family and friends over the past couple of years, and I have been quite impressed by the incredible new terminal that has...

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In the know

CONTEST OF THE WEEK: To honor moms who've mastered the art of juggling several roles (chef, chauffeur, caregiver, breadwinner and many more), Reynolds is holding the Moms Who Make it Look Easy contest. Children, friends, spouses...

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Children share insight on definition of what's old

...things better by talking about them. - Dame Rose Macaulay Like most of you, I have many part-time jobs and one of them is chauffeur to assorted middle-schoolers. It pays next to nothing, but I am rewarded by the insights I gain from selective eavesdropping...

Bill Kirby
Transporting children stimulates conversation

...do, and I say, "I'm a chauffeur." It's a partnership with...require us to wait - as good chauffeurs do - sitting on hard benches...caters to 9-year-olds with chauffeurs. It's sort of a full-time...Apparently it's what retired chauffeurs do. Reach Bill Kirby at...

Bill Kirby
Extravagant spending hinders legal program

...away half of its applicants for lack of resources, but that hasn't stopped its executives from lavishing expensive meals, chauffeur-driven cars and foreign trips on themselves. Agency documents obtained by The Associated Press detail the luxuries that...

Hopes new chief is `given a chance'

...from outside the area: It was most refreshing to know someone in Richmond County shares the same view as me. As to hiring a chauffeur who knows the local community to drive the new fire chief, why wasn't concern expressed when outsiders were hired in previous...