High integrity is crucial for politicians to represent the people well

...familiar: School Superintendent Linda Schrenko, convicted of stealing from blind and deaf children; state Sen. Charles Walker, convicted of conspiracy, mail fraud and filing false tax returns; state Rep. Robin Williams, convicted of stealing...

Augusta Commission candidates

...CollegeOCCUPATION: Inspector for SRNSPOLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for commission in 2007; worked on Joe Scott and Charles Walker campaignsFAMILY: Married; three children, one grandchildMAIN GOAL: "Economic development, especially in the...

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...something on his hard drive? IS THIS THE SAME Brad Owens who used to insult former Mayor Bob Young in his column in Charles Walker's old newspaper? I remember he wrote some very childish and mean-spirited things about the mayor. Why would...

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SO BILL FENNOY does not think that someone's personal business, which sold ads to companies Charles Walker dealt with politically, was wrong at all? Fennoy thinks it's also OK for Walker to have overcharged companies like McDonald's...

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...Augusta. He isn't the one to represent Augusta as mayor. IF AUGUSTA COMMISSION member Bill Fennoy doesn't think Charles Walker did anything wrong, then he should be removed from his seat. Read the court transcripts. It wasn't just one person...

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...district and a public servant. Your "friend," Charles Walker, was convicted of 127 of 137 criminal charges by...required racial education class.I'M GLAD TO see that Charles Walker paid so much back in restitution. What about Robin...

Ex-state Sen. Charles Walker being moved from federal prison

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says former Sen. Charles Walker is being moved from a federal prison in South Carolina.

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...things in the mall and online. I know more people would love to know things like this.JUST READ THE story about Charles Walker's release from prison in The Chronicle. Right in the middle of the article was a quote from Bill Fennoy stating...

Former state Rep. Robin Williams in transition from federal prison

...Augusta area who were indicted and convicted beginning in 2004 to be released from federal prison. Former state Sen. Charles Walker was transitioned to a half-way house on Tuesday, and former state school superintendent Linda Schrenko was released...

Rep. Quincy Murphy dies after battle with cancer

...on to his House seat despite the Augusta delegation's loss of legislative clout with the 2005 conviction of Sen. Charles Walker and the shift to a Republican-dominated General Assembly, serving instead on a delegation whose primary role in...