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Trio of convicted Augusta politicians await release from prison

Within a few years, former local politicians Linda Schrenko, Robin Williams and Charles Walker Sr. will be released from federal prisons.
Rants and raves

...and don't tip or tip some change or $1. Waitresses live off their tips. TO THE PERSON who asked, "Hasn't Charles Walker Sr. stole enough?" Not enough until he has caught up with your white ancestors who worked slaves for nothing. A...
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Rants and raves

Comments from readers: CHARLES WALKER SR. continues to cost taxpayers money by trying to have his court case thrown out. Hasn't he stolen enough from us already? SECTION...
Metro | Rants and raves
Schrenko: an expensive lesson

...colleagues Robin Williams (state representative, guilty of taking $2 million from a mental health facility here) and Charles Walker Sr. (state senator, guilty of 127 financial crimes) in federal prison. Between those three cases, Augusta politics...
From 'tribute' to disgrace

...oh by the way, he wants the revenues for his own nebulous "charitable" purposes. This, after his father, Charles Walker Sr., was convicted of bilking his charitable football game of $400,000. And he can't understand why everyone...
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Familiar faces fill Senate race

...Mr. Tarver is criticized about which church he really belongs to, some people fault Mr. Allen for his ties to Charles Walker Sr. Mr. Allen was the local spokesman and counsel for Mr. Walker and his family after he was indicted on 142 federal...
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Charges may cut event's funding in the wake of the indictments against Charles Walker Sr. Some sponsors of the event, which centers on a...DonationsAccording to the indictment filed against Charles Walker Sr., 20 companies were defrauded by mail for more than...
Parties battle for every vote

...R-Augusta, pulled an upset victory over incumbent Sen. Charles Walker Sr., D-Augusta, besting the longtime lawmaker by...Randy Hall, of Augusta, beat Democratic incumbent Charles Walker Sr. by 264 votes, or 0.8 percent of the 34,328...
Georgia Democrats scramble to capture 12th District seat

...Mr. Barrow a "liberal trial lawyer." Two other Athenians, former State. Sen. Doug Haines and Robert Finch, Charles Walker Sr.'s former chief of staff, have joined the hunt. So have two Savannahians, attorney Tony Center and former Washington...
Applause calendar

...presented by the African-American Association of Augusta Inc.; fine food, dancing, entertainment; 2004 honoree Charles Walker Sr.; $25; 733-7510. SPRINGTIME MADE IN THE SOUTH: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, March 5-Saturday, March...
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