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'Drumline' has a good beat

...Saldana, Candace Carey, Jason Weaver DIRECTOR: Charles Stone III RUNNING TIME: 118 minutes MPAA RATING: PG-13 for language FINAL GRADE: A- Drumline, directed by Charles Stone III, is a superior film, filled with laughter, romance...
Xtreme | T.W. Josey High School
'Mr. 3000' a hit-and-miss baseball comedy-drama

...Who's it for? Bernie Mac fans and younger teens. Credits: Starring Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett. Directed by Charles Stone III. Running time: 104 minutes Family guide: PG-13 for scenes of Bernie Mac under the covers, swearing at children...
At the movies: 'Paid in Full' the 1980s as a generation embraced cocaine and turned a small posse of dealers into local superstars. Director Charles Stone III looks at the first heady years of that modern-day Gold Rush, before greed and violence roared into town with hurricane...