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Flag protesters to print deck of cards

...Confederate battle emblem. "If they would let it go open to a vote, we would abide by whatever the outcome was," said Charles Lunsford, the national president of the association. "The polls showed (the battle emblem) would lose. We find it an...
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Tour is a concession to age for historical society members

...Plantation State Historic Site - Oaklands - Old Burnside House, home of JB and Lisa Moore - Goodale, owned by P. Charles Lunsford - Beech Island Historical Society Visitors Center and Barn - Silver Bluff Missionary Baptist Church and Schoolhouse...
Across the area

...the mailings. "It's certainly not the kind of thing any of the organizations I know of would condone," said Charles Lunsford of the Heritage Preservation Association. "We're urging everybody to behave as ladies and gentlemen." GEORGIAUniversity...
Legislators await impact of flag flap

...polls next year. "There's just deep-seated hurt and anger against anybody who voted against the South," said Charles Lunsford of the Heritage Preservation Association, which was among the groups that raised thousands of dollars to fight the...
Approval puts flag one step nearer adoption

...presented the legislation Wednesday, pushing it past the Rules Committee and through the full House in a single day. Charles Lunsford, speaking on behalf of the Heritage Preservation Association, accused lawmakers of caving in to a threatened economic...
Photo: In Confederacy's memory

Confederate Army re-enactors shoot skyward during a salute to fallen Confederate soldiers during Confederate Memorial Day activities at Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta. Saturday's events also featured a cannon salute, a wreath-placing ceremony for Confederate generals and an address by keynote speaker P. Charles Lunsford titled Memorializing the Confederacy.