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...account while he was hospitalized and spent it on crack cocaine, authorities say. Glenda Fay Mizzel was following Charles Farmer on July 4 when his motorcycle hit another vehicle, authorities say. Ms. Mizzel, a nurse, was the first person...
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...FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. -A Fayette County teacher has been arrested on charges that he fondled one of his female pupils. Charles Farmer, 42, of Peachtree City, surrendered to the sheriff's department. He was charged with child molestation, sexual...
Baiting debate comes to an end license will increase from $5.50 to $35 for non-residents. South Carolina residents will pay $10. Charles Farmer, a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources spokesman, said the increase is needed to help fund programs that...
Almost like gold -- a shrimp-netter's license among the numbered few put their names on a lottery list and hope for a lucky draw. Natural Resources spokesman Charles Farmer said the state decided several years ago to limit all kinds of commercial shrimping in its bays and sounds. The idea...
White spot virus infects marine life year. The blue shrimp seem to be resistant to Asian White Spot Syndrome Virus and several other diseases, said Charles Farmer with the Natural Resources Department. Edisto Seafarms Inc. will quarantine the blue shrimp before providing them...
For the record

...Zachary Mark Day, 41, of 2440 Riverlook Drive, and Jacqueline Kelly Jarrell, 44, of 21 Londonberry Lane Anthony Charles Farmer Sr., 25, and Diedra Shenell Bryant, 33, both of 1610 15th St. Charo Merino Ealey, 29, of 3949 Crest Drive...
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Anthony Charles Farmer Jr.

Deidra and Anthony Farmer of Augusta announce the birth of a son, Anthony Charles Farmer Jr., Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002, at University Hospital. Grandparents are Mrs. Frances Bryant and Mr. and Mrs. Gerry McGruder, all of Augusta, and the late Lillie Williams.
Price of S.C. saltwater fishing license rising

...for nonresidents. "No one will be impacted by the fee increase who was not impacted before," said DNR spokesman Charles Farmer. "The legislation represents a true user fee - if you use the resource, you pay the fee." The price of a saltwater...
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Shrimp farms get scare from outbreak of virus

...shrimp farms, could end the industry in this state. "It's been an unmitigated disaster," Mr. Westendorff said. Charles Farmer, a Natural Resources Department spokesman, said three sets of tests confirmed that white spot syndrome had struck...
Weather helps out shrimpers

...saltwater." The state's shrimping industry has shown no signs of decay this decade, Natural Resources spokesman Charles Farmer said. The industry saw 586 resident commercial shrimp trawlers in South Carolina's coastal waters in 1990. That...