DeVaney to resign from job

Former Augusta Mayor Charles DeVaney has resigned as executive vice president of Augusta Tomorrow...beginning in the Laney-Walker Boulevard area. "I do know Charles DeVaney is going to be over this Laney-Walker money," Augusta Commissioner...

Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Former mayor forged friendships worldwide

I am just reading the news about Charles DeVaney. I was involved with my brother Edouard in the Savannah River Port Royal development. At that time, Mayor Charles DeVaney was at City Hall, and I have worked closely with...

Letters | Deke Copenhaver
Calls downtown interests `leeches'

Where are the defenders of Richmond County? Where are the leaders of suburbia? Charles DeVaney, Billy Morris, Ed McIntyre and Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, all have one thing in common: Glorify the holy city of Augusta...

Opinion columns
DeVaney will be missed

...member and citizen activist, Charles DeVaney devoted untold hours to preserving...county governments in 1996. Charles DeVaney was the quintessential native...consolidated Jan. 1, 1996. At 54, Charles DeVaney was far too young for an elder...

Editorials | Academy of Richmond County | Augusta State University
Work showed love of local history

...Society are deeply saddened over former Augusta Mayor Charles DeVaney's death. He had just consented to be our next vice-president...Abraham Lincoln in my last letter to the society, Charles DeVaney understood the immeasurable value of life and the...

Many appealing property assessments

...Charles Walker is doing it. Richmond County District Attorney Danny Craig is doing it. So is former Augusta Mayor Charles DeVaney. They are among more than 2,000 Augusta residents or business owners who are appealing their 1999 property assessments...

20 years later, Augusta-Richmond County consolidation still gets mixed reviews

...was terrible."Walker said his reason for creating a relatively weak mayor was because of the mayor at the time, Charles DeVaney. Anxious to develop downtown Augusta and the riverwalk, De Vaney used his authority to raid airport and water department...

Battle over sales tax plays out online

...stated that there is a law stating NO FISHING ON THE RIVERWALK. Well, he came up with this:"That then-Mayor Charles DeVaney signed a bill stating there is to be NO FISHING allowed on Riverwalk."Then he directed me to http://www.augustaga...

Walker sheds light on city government

...what we were trying to accomplish when we consolidated Augusta."We did it that way because of what happened with Charles DeVaney that got the city into a lot of debt. A lot of county people did not want one person in charge of all the resources...

The Way We Were: Political targets

...elected officials acting like Clint Eastwood.If you don't recognize the very tall pistolero, it is Augusta Mayor Charles DeVaney. The gunman whose arm stretches farthest right is Travis Barnes, not only a former Augusta City Councilman, but...