Wal-Mart chairman hands off role to son-in-law

...Wal-Mart worker shareholders who have been calling on Wal-Mart empire to implement a new policy establishing an independent chairperson, Wal-Mart and the Waltons have once again decided to elevate family members to powerful positions," he said.The meeting...

Efforts to regulate Augusta commission members' travel rejected

...one committee vote in favor of the item, said his raised hand sometimes got missed, allowing another commissioner to say what he wanted to say first."Oftentimes, we have a hand up and the chairperson can't see us," he said.

Voters should decide

...electing an at-large school board chairperson. The Board of Education has scheduled...districtwide election of a school board chairperson, but it did not - not even when it...came up with no good reason why the chairperson should not be elected or why it makes...

Editorials | Evans High School
Midland Valley chamber brings three cities together

...new duties, she does it with a Brooklyn accent. The new chairperson of the Midland Valley Chamber of Commerce is from Flatbush...difference that makes Teresa Haas different from any previous chairperson of the Aiken Chamber. She is the first woman to hold the...

Slams change in policing of schools

What is happening with the Columbia County Board of Education? Are Chairperson Ray Hicks and Board member Debbie Brooks trying to micro-managethe school system? Do Columbia County residents really want sheriff...

Opinion columns | Richmond County Board of Education
Saxby Chambliss represents old guard

...Richmond County voters will reject him again and help move this state from pink to blue. Then we will know that Georgia is moving forward to revive our standing in the world. Lowell Greenbaum, Chairperson Richmond County Democratic Party

Wants Marci Wilhelmi statue built

...will try not to use many two-syllable words so I will not confuse critics of Marci Wilhelmi, Augusta Aviation Commission chairperson. Her critics are Augusta's biggest problem. They criticize or condemn and don't get involved. By their faultfinding...

Opinion columns
Animal Control Santa plan hit

...think that nothing else could surprise me about the Richmond County Animal Control, I read an article in which the board chairperson and Dr. Bonnie Bragdon state that Santa will deliver all adopted animals to the children on Christmas Eve for a "nominal...

Opinion columns
Supports Young in race for mayor

...of serving with mayoral candidate Bob Young on the Augusta-Richmond County Museum board of trustees. He has served as chairperson of the finance committee in a superb manner. The museum is fortunate to have a person of Mr. Young's talents in the way...

Opinion columns
Cartoon an insult to president

...Rick McKee and the Chronicle begging to apologize to our president and all those who died horribly at the camps and those who fought and died for the victory over the Nazis. Lowell Greenbaum Chairperson, Richmond County Democratic Party