Is 2016 a game-changer?

Those of us who continue to support the president will closely watch the battle that Republicans wage among themselves as they govern the country.

Election had ups, downs

This was a hard day for Democrats, but as usual the pendulum will swing back soon enough.

Barrow brings experience

John Barrow has served this area with great distinction. It is not luck that has returned him five times to Congress.

Great expectations

Hasan can be counted on to vote his conscience. And that's the best you can hope for out of any elected official, regardless of race.

District 6 election features variety of candidates

Long considered a swing district that could shift the balance of power on the Augusta Commission, the District 6 commission race includes candidates from all walks of life.

We should thank Obama

This president is doing very well, thank you.

Pick Finnegan in Dist. 6

Bob Finnegan is a good man who wishes to do good things for the city of Augusta.

Experts say Augusta tree canopy harmed by ice storm

Augusta's tree canopy suffered major blows during February's ice storm and is now particularly vulnerable to losing more limbs in the coming months.

With four pastors on ballot, Augusta might have a prayer

God knows the city needs some divine intervention, but the meetings would never end.

Bill not about local races

Facts are important.