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Labor pains

...three times the pay.? Give American jobs to American workers. A recent study by the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies indicates most new jobs since 2000 have been filled by immigrants ? legal and illegal.Whether it's skilled...
Homeland Security: Mounting vacancies to affect immigration laws

...there's no one to enforce it," said Janice L. Kephart, a national security researcher at the nonprofit Center for Immigration Studies.Neither the White House press office nor Homeland Security's public affairs office responded to requests...
Giving us what we don't want

...addition, temporary foreign workers in the president's proposed guest worker program, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, "would never become members of our society, creating a pure Saudi-style guest worker society, with...
Tale of two Italians shows interesting facet to a long-simmering debate

...hill." (Editors note: The writer is an associate professor of political science, and director of the Center for Immigration Studies, at Augusta State University.)
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No new law needed

...because it's against the law to hire illegal aliens. Moreover, as proposed in a 2005 white paper by the Center for Immigration Studies' executive director, Mark Krikorian, enforcement of current immigration laws could also inspire many of...
Researcher will discuss Russian Jews

...Harris, an associate professor of political science at Augusta State University and the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, will discuss the findings at 7 p.m. Monday at Augusta Jewish Community Center in Evans. The team's...
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Impact of immigration on employment debated

There's a black-market economy built on illegal immigration in the United States that, depending on who's talking, is either propping up the country's growth or hurting working Americans' pocketbooks.
Bush's answers aren't solutions

...infinitely better option is to enforce existing laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens - a process the Center for Immigration Studies predicts will not only dry up the flow of new illegals, but also will prompt many illegals already here to...
Immigrants can deport themselves

...calls "attrition through enforcement," the Center for Immigration Studies suggests many illegal immigrants would self-deport...immigrants would be entitled to benefits, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates the $10 billion-a-year cost...
Farmers back effort to keep labor force

...supermarkets. Not all share the fear of a looming farm worker shortage. Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank, said farmers could find workers if they were willing to pay competitive wages...