Cellular phone bill charge goes to improvements on 911

A monthly $1 charge on each cellular phone number in Georgia should begin...Legislature earlier this year, allows cellular phone companies to levy the $1 fee...cellular tower is relaying the cellular phone call. One of the planned improvements...

Law officers could get OK to tap cellular phone calls

...location of any person talking on a cellular phone -- as long as a court approves...Thursday. With some 66 million cellular phone customers, law enforcement officials...already can legally listen in to cellular phone conversations, and, in some...

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Rants & Raves

...and B. I'm a senior citizen who has custody of my granddaughter because of my daughter's passing last year. We were there for our WIC appointment and this lady was on her cellular phone talking loud and using profanity the entire time.

Cellular phone companies reach deal to become more accountable to customers

NEW YORK -- Three of the nation's largest cellular phone companies have reached a deal with 32 states that requires them to be more upfront with customers in their advertisements and service...

Sees savings cellular phone use

On Nov. 16, your paper devoted front page headlines showing where 66 Augusta employees' cellular phone bill totaled $37,000. Why should this deserve Sunday front page headlines? In my simple way of thinking, if you divide...

Getting in touch

...For him, owning a hand-held, cellular phone is a status symbol. The former...to 30 are the target market for cellular phone companies, according to Brian...for Alltel in Augusta. At most cellular phone companies, buyers must be 18...

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Law on cellular phones, scanners has apparent loophole

...scanner altered to eavesdrop on cellular phone conversations, Bob Grove's...involved in the conversation was on a cellular phone, allowing the couple to pick...of scanners that can intercept cellular phone calls but also to prevent their...

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Cell phones still not private

...speaker's ethics case, someone was using a cellular phone. That allowed someone else to eavesdrop and...to make or sell radio scanners that pick up cellular phone conversations. The cellular phone industry pushed for the 1993 law as a way...

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Vodafone wins bidding war for AirTouch

...creating the world's largest cellular phone company and giving Vodafone access...nation's second-largest independent cellular phone company. Bell Atlantic, a formidable...access to the $30 billion U.S. cellular phone market, and AirTouch's fast-growing...

Aiken readies for cellular tower issue

AIKEN - Anticipating that cellular phone towers will start springing up...Service that is expected to give cellular phone companies a run for their money. The service is less expensive than cellular phone rates, offers better reception...