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Endangered animals safe on island

...the half-hour ride to St. Catherines Island. The private barrier island...superintendent of the St. Catherines Island Foundation. Natural forces...The work station at St. Catherines Island is one of only several off-site...
Island scientists work to save endangered tortoises

ST. CATHERINES ISLAND, Ga. -- The fate of two breeds...Wildlife Survival Center on St. Catherines Island. The center, operated by the Wildlife...cooperative effort with the St. Catherines Island Foundation. The foundation is the...
Beached whales sad, but provide valuable information

ST. CATHERINES ISLAND, Ga. - Biologist Brad Winn turns disappointed each time he April - had a digestive tract packed with plastic bags. St. Catherines Island, privately-owned land accessible only by boat, straddles Liberty...
Martyrdom sought for friars slain by Indians in Georgia

ST. CATHERINES ISLAND, Ga. - Their last moments must...daylong pilgrimage to the site on St. Catherines Island where two of the missionaries was finally buried. On St. Catherines Island, the rebels killed two missionaries...
Bird protection measures go into effect on five coastal islands

...Williamson, Pelican Spit, St. Catherines Island bar, Egg Island bar and Satilla...Bar, Williamson Island, St. Catherines Island Bar and Satilla Marsh Island...3,000-5,000 use St. Catherines Island bar each April during their...
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Humans study living with protected birds

...Williamson Island and Liberty County's St. Catherines Island Bar. At deserted St. Catherines Island Bar, a group of more than 300 migrating...the biologists say. For instance, St. Catherines Island Bar is home to nesting Oystercatchers and...
Fishing trips reel in coastal Georgia's past coastal Georgia's St. Catherines Island.What began as an effort to...fishes along the coast and St. Catherines Island, and they examine the ones...project is funded by the St. Catherines Island Foundation and administered...
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Sea turtle hospital set to open in 2007

...don't think anybody ever thought about it until I showed an interest," said Dr. Nolan, a veterinarian at the St. Catherines Island Wildlife Center, who began pitching the idea in 2000. "We do have sea turtles in our state and we need to be able...
Dead clams stink up SC beach

...have been affected. He says officials are testing the water.Maier says there was a similar occurrence on St. Catherines Island in Georgia in 1993 and officials never figured out what happened.___
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Unkept promise slowed recovery

...destruction of the black settlement on St. Catherines Island. St. Catherines Island is now a private nature preserve known for...convict-lease imprisonment system. St. Catherines Island was returned to state control when Johnson...