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Think tank says Catawbas can operate video gambling machines

...seeking video gambling on its Rock Hill reservation if it is unable to build a high-stakes bingo hall in Santee, Catawba Chief Gilbert Blue said. The Catawbas aren't offering any sort of threat but simply need a way to replace lost revenue...
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...attempted to meet with the tribe's executive committee Thursday, but were told they could meet only individually. Catawba Chief Gilbert Blue has said he won't meet with the group because it has no legitimate standing. The group has clashed...
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Catawba tribe says casino could raise millions in tax dollars for S.C.

...clicking and whirring in dimly lit rooms. Crime and other problems rose until the machines were banned in the 1990s.The Catawba chief said the tribe's casino wouldn't be like that. But the video poker experience still jars lawmakers such as Sen...
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...more than 300 volunteers cleaned and renovated it. PTL collapsed in a sex and finances scandal in the late 1980s. Catawba chief won't run for re-election ROCK HILL - Chief Gilbert Blue, who led the Catawba Indian Nation for more than three...
Town welcomes bingo hall plan

...Interstate 95, the outlet mall is a prime spot for a bingo hall to snag tourists along the Eastern corridor, says Catawba Chief Gilbert Blue. But in order for the bingo hall to be lucrative, it must be regulated by the federal government, rather...
Catawbas give preview of upscale bingo parlor

...launched a television advertising campaign and already has 30 buses scheduled to arrive for opening night Dec. 26, Catawba Chief Gilbert Blue said. Women make up 80 percent of bingo players, according to tribal research figures. The median household...
Governor rejects Indian plan

...tribes last week that an older commission, which the tribes described as dormant, is all the state needs. However, Catawba Chief Gilbert Blue was not fazed by the decision. He said the tribes' goals, including routing an unspecified amount of...