Cher in the City: Kind words and giving spirit can warm your own heart

...neighborhood.When she got up to the checkout she could not find her debit card and looked utterly embarrassed as the impatient cashier asked her what she wanted to do. I paid for both of our groceries. After she hugged me and said thank you I hadn't thought...

Employee punched in face during store robbery

...35 a.m., according to a statement from Sgt. Monica Belser.The robber, described as a black man in his 20s, snatched money from the cashier before punching the employee in the face, the statement said.No arrests have been made.

Augusta police still search for clues in 2000 fatal shooting

...she didn't hang out with the wrong crowd," her grandfather told the newspaper in 2000.Shanta White, who worked as a cashier at Wal-Mart on Bobby Jones Expressway, had split from the baby's father after a "messy dispute." The police questioned...

15 Simple Money-Saving Strategies for Storing and Preparing Food at Home

...0.50? (or whatever) with the manager's initials on it ? that's been my experience ? and that's what the cashier charges you. I find this works better at smaller grocery stores. At huge stores, it's sometimes difficult to get a manager...

Aiken bank warns of cashier 's check scam

...details have emerged in a counterfeit cashier's check scam that has falsely used an...has been using the bank's name on fake cashier's checks and mailing them throughout...are three versions of the counterfeit cashier's checks, with a routing number of...

Convenience store cashier chases robber through downtown

A Pantry Inc. cashier chased a man through downtown Augusta...stole several telephones and money.The cashier told police the man demanded his cellphone...undisclosed amount of cash even after the cashier told the suspect "it's not worth it...

Bilking blind cashier brings plea

...teenager accused of giving a blind cashier a $5 bill and asking for change for...Wednesday that it wasn't until the cashier ran the bill through an electronic...Singleton said he hasn't talked to the cashier since the incident.

Police seek man who tricked Check Exchange cashier

...help identifying a man who tricked a cashier into giving him $99 on Oct. 31.According...bill she should have given him. The cashier took back the dollar and handed him a $100 bill.Later, the cashier's drawer came up $99 short.Police...

Police seek men who cheated McDonald's cashier

...for two men who swindled a McDonald's cashier out of money last week. The manager at...him change in the amount of $97. The cashier said she was distracted by the man and...the man taking the $100 bill from the cashier's hand. Reach Jenna Martin at (706...

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Man swindles cashier out of $741

A man swindled a cashier at the Walmart on Knox Avenue in North Augusta into giving him at least...report said the man bought $1.95 of merchandise and confused the cashier by asking her for change and appearing to exchange his own bills with...